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Incognito Goes Live for Broadband Provisioning with Multi-country Tier 1 Service Provider in Latin America

Successfully replaces legacy incumbent vendor in multiple countries enabling zero-touch multi-service fulfillment

Vancouver, Canada – February 20, 2019 – Incognito Software Systems Inc., a global provider of device and service management solutions for digital service providers, today announced that a multi-country service provider group in Latin America has gone live leveraging Incognito as their primary provider of service provisioning and fulfillment software solutions over fiber and other fixed broadband technologies. Using Incognito’s software suite, service providers can accelerate time to market, improve service provisioning accuracy, and modernize service fulfillment processes with the introduction of process automation across high-speed data, voice, and IP video services.


This leading Latin American service provider operating in multiple countries had a task to replace a legacy vendor, while maintaining service continuity. Offering residential broadband services over multiple fixed technologies including fiber, cable, and fixed-wireless, the service provider needed a solution that would allow them to scale services across different networks, manage devices remotely, fulfill services, enhance order fallout management and diagnostics, and modernize operational systems as well as processes to reduce operational costs. Incognito’s market-leading OSS product suite, backed by in-region professional services resources, addressed these needs and helped the operator achieve their business objectives.


"Network engineering and operations teams face time-to-market pressures for new offerings. In today’s multi-vendor, multi-technology environment, this means complex integration to legacy OSS systems to support new vendor equipment, with many legacy manual processes yet to be overhauled," said Timothy Roberts, Incognito Vice President, Customer Success. "Many service providers, such as this Latin American group, are revisiting the need for multi-year transformations in favour of Incognito’s zero-touch, productized software suite that delivers immediate service agility and process automation, which can be deployed into production quickly."


The Incognito productized software suite accelerates the provisioning, activation, and lifecycle management of in-home broadband devices and services with features including:

  • Service Orchestration powered by Service Activation Center including zero-touch activation, provisioning, resource management, and business process management and automation;
  • Device Controllers including Broadband Command Center and Auto Configuration Server for CPE provisioning and lifecycle management for TR-69, DOCSIS, SNMP, and IoT protocols;
  • Resource Controllers for IP resource management, such as DHCP and Address Commander for IPAM;
  • Security Controllers to prevent fraud and theft of service

With all of the platforms pre-integrated, unique use cases can be supported to further reduce costs and deliver a positive customer experience. The suite also features extensive integration adapters for existing systems support, and protocol support to enable new lines of business like IoT device management and telemetry. The Incognito suite is complemented by a range of onsite managed and remote professional services to support project delivery, customization, and support.

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