Digicel Improves Customer Experience with Incognito Fiber Service Orchestration

Incognito scales to accelerate fiber services uptake across millions of subscribers.

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Accelerate Delivery of Gigabit Services

You can never have enough fiber. Burgeoning customer demand for next-generation, all-IP gigabit services – 4K/8K streaming video, business internet, new lines of business like IoT solutions for home security, mobile backhaul – are prompting 90% of communication service providers to continue to invest and over-build with fiber.

However, a recent Heavy Reading research survey highlighted the fact service providers face significant deployment and integration hurdles, with over half of fixed-line service provider respondents ranking their existing OSS as a significant barrier to delivering new data, voice and video services over fiber.

The future is fiber. Incognito can help you get there faster.

Ragu Masilamany

Incognito VP Products

Sits down with Light Reading to discuss how fixed-line operators
are approaching fiber-based service introductions, what’s holding
them back and what’s needed for success.

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Incognito Fiber Service Orchestration Solution

Incognito offers a unique software platform designed to help you scale next-generation, IP-based services, monetize your fiber investment faster and pave the way for exceptional gigabit experiences for your customers.

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Research Statistics - Incognito Perspective

Industry fiber research

There are 3 OSS strategies being considered by broadband providers to support fiber:
48% of providers intend to retrofit the existing OSS stack to handle new services
31% will replace the OSS stack
21% will introduce a new fiber specific OSS stack

Incognito perspective

Incognito’s Fiber Service Orchestration solution supports retrofit or OSS stack replacement approaches to meet the business and operational needs of service providers who are evaluating different strategies.

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Industry fiber research

Process automation will bring major changes to network operationsDiagnostics, service fulfillment and device discovery top list of automation priorities in the next 12-24 months

Incognito perspective

Automate fiber service processes like order management, firmware management, diagnostics, service fulfillment, and device discovery. Reduce operational costs, accelerate service uptake and improve the customer experience.

Learn how an Asia-based Tier 1 service provider leveraged Incognito to launch a variety of new services quickly and efficiently.

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Industry fiber research

Activating and managing new fiber services brings challenges
Top hurdles include:

  • Fiber customer migration from legacy networks
  • Integrating fiber customers to legacy OSS systems
  • Ordering and billing process changes

Incognito perspective

Accelerate the transition to IP-based services over fiber with Incognito

  • Faster time to implementation through pre-integrated solutions
  • Standardize business processes to support multi-vendor fiber networks
  • Introduce new vendors and accelerate the testing of new equipment

Learn how two operators were able to deploy their fiber orchestration solution in weeks:

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The Future is Fiber
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