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SmartCSR: Next Generation Customer Care

Published on 26 Jul 2017


Discover how collaboration led to creation, resulting in a powerful solution that works to enhance customer care and reduce subscriber churn

SmartCSR is designed to enable faster and more granular troubleshooting to reduce manual processes and improve issue resolution speeds for customer service representatives (CSRs).

This system has completely eliminated the swivel chair for CSR agents. SmartCSR combines a fully configurable root-cause analysis flow with an integration platform that pulls data from multiple OSS/BSS sources, offering guided troubleshooting for well-known issues. CSRs can use the system to solve common customer problems with ease, providing a more cohesive experience for the subscriber while also lowering training costs for an organization.
The drivers of SmartCSR can be summed up with two main goals:

  • Eliminating the swivel chair
  • Providing a guided troubleshooting flow to the CSR

These goals standardize troubleshooting based on a device’s capabilities. Through research with Tier 1 partners in the communication service provider industry, we went through numerous troubleshooting scenarios and various interfaces and were able to consolidate many processes through automation and API calls. For example, one customer resolution scenario used to take 20 steps to resolve, including manual data collection from the various tabs — this was consolidated from 20 steps to 2. 
For the CSR, this means predictable guided troubleshooting, fewer manual actions, and a single integrated solution. For the customer, this means being directed to the CSR with the skill to resolve a priori filtered issues. For the operator, this means predictable call resolution times, fewer truck rolls, insight into current issues, and significant savings in overall time and cost.


Next-Level Customer Care: Cost Savings, Retention, and Monetization

Operators utilizing Incognito Auto Configuration Server might wonder why this solution is needed, given the advanced view and the configurable tiered CSR dashboards that are available. What we’ve learned from several MSOs is that the average call centre agent’s tenure is only two years; meaning employee retention is challenging, and on-boarding and training is costly. With the SmartCSR solution, both onboarding time and training requirements are significantly reduced due to its guided troubleshooting flows, built-in intelligence, and overall ease of use.

Unlock new monetization opportunities by adding a sales function to the CSR role

For some operators, there have been concerns about a more automated, less complex system impacting staffing levels, with the assumption that this would replace employees. On the contrary, we’ve seen an interesting development from Tier 1 partners who have begun deploying SmartCSR. Operator aren’t letting staff go, they’re changing the role of the CSR to include a sales function which unlocks opportunities for further customer monetization. A portion of the time saved is now being used to rebuild trust with their customers, while also introducing users to new service offerings based on their profiles and habits.
When the SmartCSR solution is tied to key-performance indicators (KPIs), it becomes even more powerful. The operator may now measure where a subscriber drops off and determine whether certain CSRs are better suited for handling certain call types. Calls are recorded and can be replayed, and analysis of the troubleshooting and resolution flow can be visualized, per event, per rep, globally.
When discussing the most important aspects of the customer experience, the message can be wrapped succinctly into the following statement: SmartCSR gives operators all the metrics for all the KPIs that are relevant to their business units, providing a launch pad to optimize services and take action on issues.
Here are some of the major benefits of Incognito SmartCSR:


  • Configurable, step-by-step troubleshooting flows and root cause analysis
  • Enhanced visibility for diagnostics
  • Automated triggers, work orders, and other required actions
  • Centralized data from disparate OSS and BSS platforms
  • Improved resolution time for customer service issues
  • Simplified training and onboarding for new CSR staff
  • Device and problem-specific displays to provide more value for non-technical CSRs

The partnership — outlined in my blog post Enhancing Customer Care — proved to be a great experience for both Incognito and our partners. Working collaboratively with operators has not only helped us gain insights and share respective expertise, it has led to better solutions that address the most pressing customer experience challenges. 
Download the SmartCSR fact sheet for more information.