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How To Use LDAP/SQL External Lookups in Broadband Command Center

Published on 27 Jan 2014

Available External Lookups

The following external lookups are available for DHCP service in Broadband Command Center:

  1. Device Provisioning
    • Cable Modem
    • MTA
    • Host
  2. DOCSIS File Settings (DOCSIS TLV)

How to Use Lookups in DHCP Service

What External Sources are Supported?

There are two types of external sources that you can retrieve data from in Broadband Command Center:

  1. When retrieving from LDAP, you will need to enter the rootDN, username, password, and weight.
  2. When retrieving from SQL, you will need to have the respective library installed (ODBC or OCI) and reference the DSN (data source name) and weight in the external lookup type. Data source name, database name, username, and password are configured in the OCI or ODBC configuration file.

When Should I use External Lookups?

There are several scenarios where you may want to use External Lookups in Broadband Command Center. These include:

  • To retrieve DOCSIS file setting TLVs
  • To retrieve device information for device provisioning

Each of these purposes are outlined in further detail below

Retrieve DOCSIS File Setting TLVs

  1. Go to the DOCSIS File Setting Object, select the DOCSIS TLV that you want to retrieve from the external source. Then choose External Lookup and pick the External Lookup Type that you created.
  2. Attach the DOCSIS File Setting to your option configuration object (ClientClass / Rules / Templates)


Retrieve Device Information for Device Provisioning

  1. Go to the Device Provisioning node and enable retrieval for the type of device you want to retrieve information about by checking the appropriate box.
  2. In the same section, select External Lookup Type and choose the respective query for that particular field (such as query “queryCC” from external lookup type “extLookupType” for retrieving client class).


How Do I Use External Lookups in DHCP Service?

In the DHCP node of Broadband Command Center, create an External Lookup Type Object. You can do this by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the DHCP node
  2. Click on Configuration, then Network Integration
  3. Click External Data Source, where you will see the External Lookup node.
  4. In External Lookup Type, reference the external source (LDAP or SQL). In External Lookup Type, you will need to create a query for a set of attributes/fields retrieved.

External Lookup