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The CLI Cheat Sheet: Add a Subscriber

Published on 24 Jan 2013

add subscriber accountID

This will add a subscriber record to the Multimedia Provisioning Service (MPS), with the account ID of accountID. This field is a mandatory, unique value.

Once the subscriber has been created, you will need to enter modify mode to add or change any other subscriber-related parameters:

Modify subscriber accountID 

Additionally, once you have set the subscriber name, you can also enter modify mode by the subscriber name: 

Modify subscriber “SUBSCRIBER NAME”

Once the administrator enters modify mode for any command, the administrator can then SET, DELETE, LIST, CLEAR, GET, VERIFY.

There are many SET commands once you enter Modify Subscriber mode. They are:

Accountid The account ID of the subscriber.
Address1 Address field 1
Address2 Address field 2
Address3 Address field 3
Address4 Address field 4
City City in which the subscriber is located
Country Country where the subscriber is located
Description Description of the subscriber
Name The name of the subscriber
Notes Miscellaneous notes
State_Province State/province in which the subscriber resides
Zipcode_Postalcode Zip/postal code of the subscriber

You can also combine the “Add Subscriber” command to include many variables in one command. This prevents the administrator from having to enter modify mode. 

Add subscriber 01 name jdoe description “Subscriber account for John Doe”

This will create a subscriber record with the account ID of 01, subscriber name of jdoe, and a description of “Subscriber account for John Doe”.