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Awards Received by Incognito Software Systems in 2022

By Incognito on December, 23 2022

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It's that time of year when everything seems to sparkle, and celebration is in the air. Here at Incognito, we're grateful for the year we've had. By working with customers, industry bodies, and partners we were able to accomplish great things, and we're thrilled to have received many awards for our solutions and products.

In the spirit of celebration, here's a list of the distinctions we earned this year for the following solutions:

Digital Experience (DX) KPI Analytics

As a next-generation remote device management platform, we're proud of our DX solution which helps operators reduce costs and improve QoE (quality of experience) while supporting the launch of new connected home services by offering robust near-real-time network monitoring and device alerts, KPI analytics, and reporting.

What made this solution a multi award-winner were the following features:

  • Significantly reduced monitoring intervals – 15 minutes compared to industry-standard 24 hours.
  • Analytics-informed operator action leveraging ONT-collected data for millions of parameters in network footprint.
  • Proactively improved service quality; increased SLA adherence with seamless services.
  • Easy integration to any big-data platform.
  • Centralized KPI visibility for PON, connected home, and OEM devices, with standards-based integrations.

DX earned wins in the following awards programs:

Light Reading – Leading Lights Editor's Choice, Outstanding Test and Measurement Vendor category

The Leading Lights awards are Light Reading's showcase for the innovation, technical, and market achievements of the evolving global communications industry. Incognito's DX solution was the Editor's Choice in the Outstanding Test and Measurement Vendor category, which recognizes the communications networking test and measurement, monitoring or assurance systems vendor that stands out from its competitors, innovates constantly, and helps set industry trends.

Broadband Technology Report – 4.5 Diamonds, Monitoring and Analysis category

Broadband Technology Report (BTR) covers the latest tools, techniques, and approaches vital to broadband operators as they face the many challenges in today's hyper-competitive environment.

The BTR Diamond Technology Reviews are determined by an independent team of technical experts who rank products, software, and solutions. Scores of 3.5 or above are considered superlative, which is why Incognito is so pleased with the DX ranking of 4.5 diamonds.

Judge's comments: "This product can be invaluable in providing the necessary insight into your network and providing a quality service to the customer."

Glotel – Finalist, Fixed Network Evolution

Glotel's Fixed Network Evolution award recognizes excellence in the field of residential, wholesale, or enterprise fixed broadband. Incognito's success in this category was based on demonstrating how our innovations delivered new levels of service quality for customers, generated new revenue streams or business models, and/or disrupted competitive markets.

User Services Platform (USP)

Incognito's TR-369 USP solution offers a unified approach to residential and IoT device management with USP controller capability for next-generation TR-369 devices. Incognito's USP TR-369 can help you take advantage of this faster, scalable, and more secure way of managing the full lifecycle of connected devices, which is expected to become the target architecture for remote device management over the next decade, reducing complexity, increasing performance, and enabling new service offerings for multi-vendor, connected home environments.

The features and benefits that made our TR-369 platform a winner include:

  • Support for today's devices and next-generation device models with a centralized platform approach.
  • Fast deployment of virtualized services on gateways and set-top boxes with distributed USP architecture.
  • Service optimization and management with enhanced in-home Wi-Fi visibility.
  • Proactive QoE via real-time data insights, alerts, and extensive KPI analytics.
  • Automation support with home IoT.
  • Improved security, authentication, and privacy with always-on connectivity.

Here's where Incognito's USP controller was recognized:

CSI Magazine – Winner, Best Customer Premise Technology

The CSI award program, designed to recognize and reward innovation and excellence, is among the most prestigious and competitive in the industry. We're honored that Incognito's Digital Experience Solution, powered by our unified TR-369/TR-069 device management platform, was named a winner based on its ability to help service providers capitalize on the connected home by enabling the delivery and management of next-gen smart home services.

Broadband Technology Report – 4.0 Diamonds, Wi-Fi Solutions category

The BTR judges recognized that our Digital Experience (DX) Solution enables service providers to conquer the connected home, allowing them to rapidly launch value-added consumer services like parental controls, AR/VR, Internet of Things, and more by leveraging Incognito's future-proofed, standards-based approach to application service provider (ASP) and OEM integration.

Judge's comments: The judges saw key capabilities in Incognito's solution, stating, "Unified control/management will be key for IoT..."

Light Reading – Leading Lights Finalist, Most Innovative Home Networking Solution

This Leading Lights Award is presented to the vendor or service provider that has launched the most innovative home networking devices or platform in the past year, the Incognito TR-369 User Services Platform controller was recognized in this category for providing operators with a future-proofed foundation to deploy next-generation fixed broadband consumer offerings and rapidly introduce high-ARPU services to further monetize the connected home.

Digital Experience (DX) Self-care Widgets

It's possible to have the best of both worlds – self-care offering reduced OPEX, decreased burden on customer care, and happier customers, without a complete rework of your systems. Incognito's self-care widgets, an optional module of our Digital Experience Solution, can integrate easily into your existing customer portal or mobile application to provide a one-stop-shop for all customer care needs, including automated troubleshooting of common home network challenges like password resets, speed tests, and simple diagnostics for field service applications.

The following features and benefits drove DX self-care widgets to achieve recognition this year:

For IT software development teams:

  • Reduce internal software development time by months – new functions can be enabled in weeks – thanks to rapid integration.
  • Accelerate unified self-care development interval while delivering consistent user experience across portals and mobile devices.
  • Provide a common home user self-care approach with this vendor- and device-neutral solution.
  • Centralize digital care channel B/OSS integration points and support single sign-on authentication.

For network operations professionals:

  • Reduce the burden on customer care and network operations by extending issue resolution and diagnostic control to home users.
  • Validate speed and experience on-site with applications to empower field service technicians.
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing BSS systems.

CSI – Finalist, Best Broadband Customer Experience

We're pleased the CSI awards recognized how our Incognito solution can help customers and operators alike. While the notion of subscriber self-care isn't new, Incognito's approach provides unique advantages to service providers, as well as home and small-business broadband users. With Incognito subscriber self-care widgets, service providers can rapidly extend digital channels across any CPE device, vendor, or access network to improve the user experience and reduce operational costs.

Unified Enterprise IoT Platform

While IoT is accelerating rapidly and bringing with it myriad opportunities, it's that very growth and scope that can make delivering it complex. With Incognito's scalable, multi-tenant, multi-vertical IoT management software, service providers can monetize the IoT opportunity by unlocking new markets, simplifying IoT application management, and delivering a seamless user experience to multiple business customers.

The following benefits make our Unified Enterprise IoT Platform an award-winner:

  • Streamlined processes for managed IoT devices—spanning enterprises and consumers – with our all-in-one operations dashboard.
  • Increased customer satisfaction, reduced manual intervention, and fewer truck rolls with automated troubleshooting and resolution of technical issues.
  • Agile and responsive operations and simplified launch of new service offerings using automated rules to deploy IoT-connected services.
  • Proactive monitoring of service and device performance with built-in alarms and escalation management, which can also be integrated with third-party systems.
  • Elimination of siloed IoT systems and operations with the ability to support multiple business vertical markets from a common platform.
  • Extreme scalability to support millions of IoT devices, sensors, and gateways.

IoT Evolution World – Industrial IoT Product of the Year

This award, judged by the editors of IoT Evolution World magazine, honors the best, most innovative products and solutions powering the Industrial Internet of Things. These awards are regarded as some of the most prestigious and respected awards worldwide in the communications and technology sector, which is why Incognito's single end-to-end solution integrating device and service management, analytics, and dashboards to provide the foundation to enable enterprise IoT services fits right in.

IoT Evolution World – 2022 IoT Business Impact Award

IoT Evolution Magazine's Business Impact Awards program recognizes leadership and innovation in the form of IoT implementations which:

  • Solve business issues
  • Launch new services
  • Create revenue opportunities
  • Measurably improve efficiency / reduce cost
  • Improve business processes

We're delighted to have been recognized for helping our clients minimize truck rolls, reduce service downtime, optimize processing on the edge, and introduce new lines of business. Ultimately, we support providers in reaching beyond connectivity into new revenue streams by supporting the introduction of multiple IoT offerings.

Broadband Command Center (BCC) for DOCSIS 4.0

Incognito's Broadband Command Center (BCC) is the industry's leading independent DOCSIS provisioning solution, offering end-to-end cable modem/device provisioning and management capabilities to accelerate the rollout of multi-play services, enhance subscriber experience, and streamline operations. BCC's intelligent provisioning capabilities let operators automatically and accurately configure and manage any device regardless of vendor, firmware version, or DOCSIS version across any access technology.

The benefits of BCC include:

  • Increased subscriber satisfaction, accelerated service uptake, and reduced churn with reliable and accurate device provisioning.
  • Streamlined workflows with automated DOCSIS configuration file generation and analytical tools.
  • Support for network expansion and efficient resource use thanks to extreme scalability.
  • Protection for configuration data and management of user privileges with multi-level security.
  • High-performance support for DHCPv4 and DHCPv6.
  • Easy integration thanks to standards alignment.

Broadband Technology Report – 3.5 Diamonds, Back Office category

Incognito's BCC product was also recognized with Diamond status in this year's BTR awards. Supported by Incognito BCC which works with all models, firmware versions, vendors, and whatever version of DOCSIS operators are running, operators can confidently move forward on their DOCSIS journey. Incognito stays on top of specification changes and requirements while reducing the customer's cost to support DOCSIS 4.0 because, unlike our competitors, Incognito doesn't require licensing repurchase with every major version upgrade.

Judge's Comments: "Incognito's Broadband Command Center (BCC) 8.0 can ease the transition to DOCSIS 4.0."

Special mention

Because "teamwork makes the dream work," we want to highlight the award we received as a participant in TM Forum's highly respected, collaborative Catalyst Program. In recent years, this program has spurred a catalog of innovative projects, many of which have been developed into commercial solutions.

This year, we were excited to contribute to TM Forum's Converged access for ODA (Open Digital Architecture) project, named "Best new Catalyst in Show" at Digital Transformation World 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark. This award-winning project aims to eliminate the silos present in traditional operational and business support system (OSS/BSS) architectures – enabling service providers and vendors to better monetize their investments and to improve business flexibility for customers.

At Incognito, our mission is to help manage the next-generation broadband experience. We want to offer communication service providers the assistance they need to thrive through change.

Seeing our customers succeed is a great reward, but being able to look back on the awards we've earned throughout 2022 is also something we value!

We'd love to hear about your needs and let you know how we can help – for more information about our award-winning products and solutions, please contact us.

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