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5G Riders on the Storm TM Forum Catalyst Overview

By Ronan Bracken on May, 30 2019

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Ronan Bracken

As the Earth's climate continues to undergo drastic changes, cases of extreme weather events across the world have become more frequent. For example, over the last three decades Europe has seen a 60 percent increase in excessively high temperatures, heavy storms, and severe floods.

During these events, communication services such as social media, first responder communication, and weather tracking are critical. Thanks to the capabilities unlocked by 5G, operators can now provide the dedicated services to ensure some level of communication is available in storm conditions.

At Digital Transformation World 2019, Incognito Software Systems Inc. was part of the 5G Riders on the Storm Catalyst, an innovative project showcasing the ability to quickly spin up and effectively manage 5G network slices to guarantee connectivity services to first responders during these dynamic and difficult situations.

Turning up new services quickly is what this catalyst is all about – and Incognito played a key part in bringing it all together. Watch as Incognito's Ronan Bracken discusses the real-world value the work being done in this catalyst offers, Incognito's ability to enable dynamic 5G network slice management, and the industry-standard frameworks used in the catalyst.



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For more information about the catalyst and Incognito’s involvement, check out part 1 of the blog series.

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