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Nine Things to Remember When Launching FTTH Services

By Incognito on September, 22 2015

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To successfully implement and activate FTTH services and truly improve subscriber QoE, you must understand all aspects surrounding service execution and service assurance. Here are some important considerations when planning your FTTH strategy:

Deployment and Execution

Bolstering infrastructure capabilities with fiber also means aligning services with an FTTH service activation and fulfillment solution. Before a fiber solution is executed, service providers must:

  1. Allocate the time and resources to ensure a rapid and strategic implementation for either greenfield deployment or brownfield integration
  2. Verify back-end systems for the flexibility to support converged services
  3. Ensure solutions can activate multiple device types over various network standards and protocols, and that desired processes align with business requirements
  4. Make certain that there is no misalignment with billing to prevent potential revenue leakage
  5. Keep up with the demand for new devices, services, and customers, while streamlining B/OSS processes within a converged network

Service Fulfillment and Assurance

In an era of instant gratification, customers are no longer willing to accept service delays. Additionally, operators need a solution that can make good on the promises of faster, more reliable services. To accomplish these crucial goals, service providers must:

  1. Ensure service fulfillment and device activation can synchronously activate new and existing services to multiple end-user devices in one action
  2. Automate the actions required to bring on new devices throughout a subscriber’s contract term
  3. Automate the collection and normalization of network and service performance data to resolve congestion issues and make more accurate infrastructure improvements
  4. Increase visibility into the subscriber’s home to monitor service delivery speeds and resolve any issues that might tarnish QoE

It is imperative to your success that all implications of a fiber solution roll out are considered. Having the internal resources to execute and fulfill promises made by fiber service is not always feasible, and so many operators turn to consultants to assist them with their fiber solution deployments.

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