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By Incognito on November, 29 2012

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Agility is another way of saying that you can react quickly to change and offer effective solutions to the challenges that your customers face. You need to be able to put yourself in your subscribers’ shoes and think: would I be happy with this service? For instance, as a subscriber, you wouldn’t put up with glacial timelines if you experienced service outages. Likewise, as a service provider, you’d be surprised if you had to wait months on end for a response from a vendor request, or if you were expected to foot a large development bill because your vendor was too slow to respond to an industry issue.

At Incognito, agility has always been one of our top goals and key strengths. Our agility lies in our ability to listen to your requests and quickly implement solutions. It’s how we live our lives every day and has become a cornerstone of our philosophy since we started building products for service providers 20 years ago.

Being agile has allowed us to grow the company from an idea and two employees into what it is today. We now have a hotfix team and quick turnaround team that live for the chance to solve your problems. This might sound too good to be true, but we think it’s important that you participate in the development of our products. This is because the problem that we solve for you today may be the problem that someone else experiences in a few month’s time. We want all of our customers to benefit from your experience, so we’ll actually implement the changes and new features that you suggest. Likewise, the broadband industry as a whole benefits if your organization can respond quickly to new developments and evolving standards. So, be agile in what you’re offering and we’ll continue to be agile in our support for you.

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