Automating Back End Processes

By Incognito on December, 10 2013

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The customer is a progressive, smaller provider that had been experiencing rapid growth. Despite this, they felt that greater regional growth was out of reach due to their reliance on manual processes and legacy systems that didn’t support IPv6, DOCSIS 3.0, or SIP. This problem increased as the company grew and more devices needed to be provisioned. In turn, more services had to be added, and that meant more IP resources to manage. They were looking for a solution from a single vendor that could offer a larger suite of products and build a long-term relationship.

We’ve worked with this customer over the past three years to deliver a solution that automates their back end software and supports rapid subscriber growth. The solution needed to be future-proof and reduce manual processes for device provisioning, service activation, and IP address management, while supporting the latest industry standards and their transition to IPv6.

In the end, the operator adopted an integrated solution that allowed them to easily create, roll out, and manage new service packages, automatically provision new devices, reduce human errors, and centralize IPAM, by combining three of our products. Best of all, this fully automated solution helped the company reduce operational costs and increase revenue.

Obviously, Incognito is only part of this story. The real takeaway here is that our customer had the foresight to look ahead and break away from the outdated, manual systems that were holding them back. Thanks to good management and forward thinking, the company has quadrupled revenue streams in the last five years — and automating back end processes has helped to lower costs, allowing the company to focus more on subscriber needs.

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