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Incognito Employee Spotlight: Duygu Taylan

By Incognito on April, 12 2022

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"Innovative, global, and diverse" are the three words Duygu Taylan uses to describe Incognito, but they apply equally well to our company's amazing workforce.

In this new "Employee Spotlight" blog series, we talk to our innovative, global, and diverse team members to learn more about them and how they contribute to our company's success.

Today we meet Duygu Taylan, a web developer who has been with Incognito for five years, working in the Dublin, Ireland, office to develop and support one of our flagship products.

Duygu Taylan Quote

How do you like Dublin?

DT: I like it. The weather isn't always nice – you have many seasons in one day – but it's good. I like the Irish sense of humor. I like the Guinness.

How did you come to be at Incognito?

DT: I was searching for jobs in Ireland, and I saw Incognito and did some research on the web. As someone who has experience in the telco industry, I found the company very interesting and decided it was the one for me.

The work-life balance is great. I've been with many telco companies before, and I can say the flexibility that I get here is a very good plus for me.

What motivates you about your work at Incognito – what are you excited to be working on?

DT: Having new challenges every day. We have new customer opportunities every month, even every week, so we always have new challenges to face.

In the telecoms industry, we always have to improve ourselves. So, we learn new things each day. That motivates me because I'm a learner. I love learning new things and contributing to meaningful projects that make an impact – reaching more customers and creating customer value – these are important things that motivate me.

Do you think the work you do at Incognito, and within the entire industry, has become more critical because of the pandemic?

DT: Yes, absolutely. Our industry became more important and it will continue; I think this is just a start. It has opened up many possibilities.

Do you have a proudest accomplishment or project?

DT: Yes, it was in 2020. Incognito joined the TM Forum, and at the TM Forum Catalyst Digital Showcase, we won an award. My team was involved in it as well. I was really proud of the teamwork. We all got involved. It was nice to see the outcome because the TM Forum is the biggest telecom forum – I've been following it since before I was at Incognito. So seeing a project of ours – having our work there – was a really nice moment.

If someone was considering working at Incognito, what advice would you have for them?

DT: If they want to be in a friendly work environment where they will have plenty of challenges every day and work with great teammates, they should come and work with us!

Are there some particular predictions you have for the future?

DT: There are big things coming. I think our industry will have so many things on its plate in the years to come, especially with 5G and the popularity of IoT (Internet of Things). I get excited about it, and I'm looking forward to the challenge.

I think that we will have lots of work to do and I can't wait for it.

Is there something in the future that you think we could be using IoT for that would surprise people today?

DT: There are already so many developments with smart homes, everything happening in the health industry, and the cars (electric vehicles) – I don't think people get surprised anymore because everything is evolving very fast. Just look at one year ago and now.

What is/are the most important innovation(s) you've witnessed during your career?

DT: I would say smartphones, where you get the computer and the phone altogether. I think it was a big innovation that kickstarted many others. Look at us now with smartphones, and 4G LTE and 5G – all of which evolved because of smartphones.

And I will say blockchain technology. I think it is something that has more potential, and we will use that technology more in the future.

And interconnected devices. IoT, I would say, is the future. With the protocols and everything they use for the devices to communicate on the Internet and connect with each other, it was a big jump.

I think those three would be the most significant innovations that I've witnessed.

To learn a little more about you, can you tell us the best vacation that you've been on?

DT: It was Cuba. I love it. It was really nice. It feels different from today; it's like being in the past. I really enjoyed it.

Are there places you have traveled to or would like to travel to for work?

DT: I love Italy. I can always go to Italy. I worked in Torino, so Italy's an interesting place with good food, fun people, and nice weather. I miss traveling a lot, so I hope I will be able to do it again soon.

To sum up, could you please tell us what you've gained from working at Incognito?

DT: The most important thing I've gained is the wonderful teammates I have here in the Dublin office. I love them and enjoy working with them. We always help each other, and they are great. Also, I'm able to improve my knowledge in our industry even more.

Incognito relies on our strong, motivated, and talented team to achieve our goal of helping fixed service providers manage the next-generation broadband experience.

If, like Duygu, you think Incognito could be the place for you, please visit our careers page.

We look forward to showcasing more team members in upcoming Employee Spotlight posts.

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