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Incognito Employee Spotlight: Ricardo Arriaga

By Incognito on July, 6 2022

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Ricardo Arriaga is a Senior Technical Implementation Consultant for Incognito, based in Mexico.

In his nearly ten years with the company, Ricardo has enjoyed collaborating with talented teammates and customers to innovate, problem-solve, and deliver new services and solutions to the market.


How did you first learn about Incognito?

RA: In my previous job – working for Cablecom – Incognito was introduced as the new provider of a provisioning platform for voice and data, and that's how I became involved with the company.

I had a strong knowledge of networking and DOCSIS, which made me very interested in Incognito. When I had the opportunity to join the company as part of a migration project, I was so excited to fully learn about the software.

What are three words to describe Incognito?

RA: Innovation, quality, and business leadership.

What do you like most about Incognito?

RA: Innovation. I like knowing the company is interested in introducing new products and solutions by supporting new standards, participating in forums, and incorporating new features from CableLabs, as well as hearing from our customers about their needs and engaging with them to introduce new services into the market.

What have you gained from working at Incognito?

RA: A lot of experience, not only working with our software but also with third-party software. This has given me a great opportunity to increase my skills. No less important has been the chance to work together with very talented colleagues.

What is your proudest moment at Incognito?

RA: When we fully delivered the project we were working on when I started with the company, not only because there was a lot of effort from many teams, like product, QA, sales, etc., it was also great to have a customer happy after working together for many years.

What advice do you have for prospective Incognito candidates?

RA: It's the right place to expand your skills, work with talented people, and make good friends as well.

What are your hopes and/or predictions for Incognito's future?

RA: Keep the leadership on delivering new features based on the industry standards. Being part of IoT growth has been great, as we have proven we can add valuable features to our products by building amazing functionalities into our software that make our customers happy. Always working closely with our customers to make sure we both succeed together.

What has been the most important innovation you've witnessed in your lifetime?

RA: Internet. I'm still surprised by how much progress humanity has made since the start of the Internet. In the beginning, it was only for universities, but these days you can get an answer in seconds, and many more things are coming with IoT.

To learn a little more about you, can you tell us the best vacation you've been on?

RA: It was about ten years ago when my family took a tour of the state we'd lived in for years. It started with a five-hour drive; then, we spent three weeks going to small locations, having breakfast in different places, and trying something different for lunch. The part I liked most was the rivers, there are five different rivers where you can swim. I really love to swim, and I love nature. There was no time to wake up late because, in these places, the birds start singing very early in the morning. I enjoyed that trip with my family a lot.

Are you messy or organized?

RA: Both! When working on multiple projects, you can sometimes forget simple things like installing a library or adding the special config needed for a test environment – those have happened a few times – but when I'm working with a customer, I'm always focused on keeping everything up to date and organized.

How do you define success?

RA: To me, it's when you've done your work successfully, and you realize that people around you feel the same satisfaction as you.

Incognito relies on our strong, motivated, and talented team to achieve our goal of helping fixed service providers manage the next-generation broadband experience.

If, like Ricardo, you think Incognito could be the place for you, please visit our careers page.

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