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How Incognito's Award-Winning DX Solution Elevates Your Experience

By Incognito on September, 15 2023

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Who doesn't love getting an award? Here at Incognito, we definitely do. Why, though? Beyond the glow of somebody saying, "job well done," why do we celebrate our award wins?

As a company dedicated to our customers, our commitment to excellence is exemplified by the recognition we receive through award wins. These accolades offer objective benchmarks, third-party endorsement, and validation of the quality of our solutions and commitment to helping customers achieve their business and operational goals. 

The criteria for these awards are no joke. Judges ask tough questions and apply rigorous analysis to come up with the shortlists, finalists, and winners. Some examples include:

  • What value, benefit, and return on investment does the solution provide?
  • Has it been deployed in a live environment?
  • What is the driver behind the solution, and what specific industry, technical, and/or global trends does it answer?
  • How is the solution different from existing options?
  • Explain the interoperability, agility, and compliance of the solution.
  • How will the solution enable, promote, or foster future innovation, and how will it impact the industry over the next several years?

Knowing our solutions can stand up to this level of scrutiny is affirming for us and reassuring to our customers.

A Current Award-winner

One Incognito solution racking up award recognition this year is our Digital Experience (DX) Solution, which empowers service providers to enhance the customer experience and drive revenue by fully capitalizing on the smart home. This solution pioneers a unified architecture for device and application management, helping operators streamline the deployment of value-added services to consumers' homes and offering a faster, scalable, and more secure way of monitoring and managing the entire lifecycle of connected devices with TR-069 Auto Configuration Server (ACS) and TR-369 User Services Platform (USP) controller support. Incognito's DX solution offers operators the ability to:

  • Unlock new revenue streams by deploying and managing value-added services such as Wi-Fi optimization, network security, and parental controls directly on devices using USP software module management (SMM).
  • Enhance the customer experience with a unified platform that supports TR-069 devices and services using our ACS while introducing complementary next-generation USP support for TR-369 protocols and devices.
  • Proactively monitor and optimize Wi-Fi network and device performance, integrating with existing CSR dashboards to automate issue resolution and gain valuable insights into service quality.
  • Broaden revenue avenues and cater to evolving subscriber requirements by extending beyond STBs (set-top boxes) to manage the lifecycle of residential gateways, Wi-Fi routers, optical network terminals (ONTs), consumer app gateways, and IP STBs.
  • Harness big-data insights to elevate service quality and personalized experiences using fault management capabilities in the form of alarms and notifications at device and group levels, channeled through SNMP, emails, and message buses.
  • Future-proof offerings with a standards-based approach ensuring compatibility and adaptability to emerging technologies while presenting comprehensive solutions to a diversified customer base, extending beyond the smart home into the SMB (small and medium business), SOHO (small-office / home-office), and enterprise IoT segments.

Our award-winning DX KPI Analytics module adds further value with its scalable edge-compute architecture, which uses TR-069 CWMP for near-real-time ONT status and configuration capture at a massive scale. The platform can process network big-data volumes, addressing subscribers' end-to-end service and minimizing device reboots to maintain quality of experience.

We're not surprised at the recognition our DX Solution is getting. With comprehensive features, including DX alerts, fault management, and integration with the USP TR-369 controller, this solution not only drives revenue growth and enhances the subscriber experience but also positions service providers as trailblazers in the ever-evolving dynamic telecommunications landscape.

As we've already said, we love awards for validating the benefits of our solutions, and we also love use cases – what better way to show what our solution can do than to explain what it's already done (or is doing)?

With that in mind, here are a couple of real-world examples of our solution in use:


We're proud of our ready-today use cases with leading third-party application service providers. By integrating our advanced device and broadband services management solutions with Domos' latency management machine learning algorithm and KAON's deep home gateway hardware and software expertise, we implemented a standards-based application container to support a spectrum of bespoke subscriber services on customer premises equipment. This combined solution represents a generational leap in how connected home applications and services are deployed and consumed, establishing a platform for the commercialization, delivery, and intelligent provisioning of services and a low-friction, subscriber-friendly way to try, buy, and upgrade them.

Other partnerships include integration with ecosystem players to automatically update routers with new security features and protection to block malicious websites, protect against the latest online threats, and secure all smart devices in the home network from cyber-attacks.

Use Case: USP for STB

Our Tier 1 North American telco customer was preparing to launch their next-gen Android TV IP set-top box into the intensely competitive IPTV market, which is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18 percent over the next five years. They faced several challenges, including adapting their operational support systems (OSS) to effectively manage and monitor new TR-369 devices.

The holistic nature of Incognito's DX Solution application and device lifecycle management platform empowered the operator to provide an outstanding TV user experience while enhancing STB stability.

By bridging the existing OSS infrastructure and the TR-369 device, Incognito's DX Solution positioned the telco for IPTV market growth and solidified its leadership in the telecommunications landscape.

Use Case: FTTH Management

Our customer, a Tier 1 Latin American multi-play operator aiming to double its FTTH network reach, faced stiff competition in a converged market. To stand out, they needed swift fiber service delivery and exceptional GPON network quality.

To overcome challenges such as gathering data from diverse sources and capturing ONT information beyond OLT equipment and EMS, the operator turned to Incognito's ACS with the award-winning DX KPI Analytics module. This module, based on TR-069 CWMP, enabled real-time ONT status capture at a massive scale, supporting millions of devices and billions of parameters.

Incognito's approach unified OSS software to manage end-to-end subscriber services and devices, optimizing network performance while ensuring quality. By leveraging data insights, the operator addressed device reboots, reduced QoE disruptions, and enhanced the customer experience. They also gained valuable insights and empowered network operations, customer care, and field technicians to make effective decisions.

Latest Recognition

In case you couldn't tell, we're pretty pumped about our DX Solution, which is why we're so pleased with the recognition it's garnered this year. At the time of writing, we're tracking the solution's progress in four awards, including:

  • Pipeline Innovation Awards – Finalist for Innovations in The Internet of Things (IoT) and Connected Devices.
  • Leading Lights Awards – Finalist in Outstanding Use Case: Home Network Intelligence.
  • CSI Magazine Awards – Shortlisted in Best TV User Experience.
  • Network X Awards – Shortlisted for Most Innovative Smart Home Application, as well as Outstanding FTTH Service.

To find out how Incognito's industry-recognized Digital Experience solution can help you reduce complexity, increase performance, and enable new service offerings, please reach out today.

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