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Incognito's Customer Growth Support Earns 2022 IoT Business Award

By Incognito on August, 4 2022

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Change. For those in the telecom industry, it's integral to business. Changing technology, changing customer expectations, changing business models.

Of course, change can offer opportunities, but it can also bring challenges.

At Incognito, with our mission to help manage the next-generation broadband experience, we're all about providing communication service providers (CSPs) with the assistance they need to thrive through change, and our latest win of a 2022 IoT Business Impact Award from IoT Evolution Magazine shows we're succeeding in that aim.

IoT Evolution Magazine's Business Impact Awards program recognizes leadership and innovation in the form of IoT implementations which:

  • Solve business issues
  • Launch new services
  • Create revenue opportunities
  • Measurably improve efficiency / reduce cost
  • Improve business processes

The Challenge

While Incognito's customer, a Tier 1 galaxy operator in Latin America, knew they wanted to pursue new business verticals such as energy and manufacturing by focusing on utility applications to address active supply and demand decisions, they faced the following technical challenges:

  • Managing the distributed nature and vast number of field devices.
  • Reducing truck rolls for service and firmware upgrades.
  • Capturing telemetry data for dynamic business decisions.
  • Adhering to SLAs (service level agreements) for mission-critical systems.

Our Solution

To make their energy efficiency initiative a success, our customer required real-time electric power decision-making. They needed to capture electric meter power consumption, current, and voltage from fixed-wireless utility meters, alongside other device information.

We extended the customer's existing Incognito TR-069 ACS (Auto Configuration Server) OSS (operations support system) solution footprint from the customer segment to offer additional enterprise business support – providing an intelligent terminal management approach for fiber, cable, and fixed-wireless.

The Results

  • Minimized truck rolls and reduced service downtime – these benefits came from managing country-wide IoT devices via closed-loop automation. However, this solution also allowed the operator to introduce new lines of business – such as IoT services – in the enterprise segment.
  • Reduced network traffic and optimized processing on the edge – the Incognito solution leveraged edge compute technology to offer short latency and high bandwidth while offloading data.
  • Support for continued growth – Incognito's unified enterprise IoT device management and data collection platform allows implementation of additional IoT business verticals on a common infrastructure and enables IoT applications development northbound of the solution.

When new IoT vendors are introduced for diverse verticals and IoT applications, Incognito abstracts upstream systems from device and telemetry differences, minimizing OSS impact and speeding time to market for the customer's enterprise IoT services.

Ultimately, we were able to help this customer reach beyond connectivity into new revenue streams by maximizing their existing Incognito OSS investment and supporting their introduction of multiple IoT offerings.

We're gratified to receive a 2022 IoT Business Impact Award from IoT Evolution Magazine for this work, and we'd love the chance to explain what we can do for you. Contact us to find out!

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