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Incognito's Commitment to CSPs Recognized in Gartner's Market Guide

By Incognito on September, 28 2023

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In a fast-paced digital landscape, communication service providers (CSPs) are continually seeking cutting-edge solutions to streamline operations, enhance service delivery, and adapt to evolving consumer demands. Incognito has long been dedicated to helping CSPs survive and thrive in this environment, and we're proud to have these efforts recognized by being included in the prestigious Gartner Market Guide for CSP Service Design and Orchestration Solutions (SD&O).

The Inclusion and Significance

The Gartner report is a valuable resource for CSPs who want to improve their decision-making processes when it comes to planning and sourcing products/offerings that facilitate the design, fulfillment, and orchestration of services across physical, virtual, containerized, and hybrid network environments for consumer, enterprise, and wholesale market segments.

We're delighted to be recognized for carving a niche with service design, fulfillment, and orchestration solutions that revolutionize automation for CSPs while empowering them to scale their services through seamless activation, provisioning, and business process management. Our robust offerings have found resonance in the fiber, mobile and cable industries, where our OSS (operational support system) service provisioning and remote device management solutions have demonstrated excellence, and it's fantastic to now find ourselves among the elite selection of suppliers Gartner has listed in the CSP SD&O market guide.

Pioneering Innovations

To meet rapid industry changes, CSPs are aligning their strategies with cloud-native principles, agile methodologies, and automated workflows to support new network technologies and innovate their offerings. As a result, they are progressively modernizing their inventory management and service fulfillment systems by adopting holistic end-to-end lifecycle approaches to service management. According to Gartner, the SD&O market is undergoing a significant shift to align with new CSP operating models, focusing on containerization, standardization, open integration, intent-driven service fulfillment, closed-loop automation, and multi-domain orchestration.

Incognito's commitment to innovation is in line with these industry shifts as illustrated by our key investment in areas to drive progress in the CSP SD&O landscape, including:

  • Event-driven architecture: Enabling seamless asynchronous integration of B/OSS and network management tools.
  • No-code abstraction: Revolutionizing service provisioning business processes with a no-code approach to configuring and abstracting access technology.
  • Integration expertise: Streamlining integration with element and network management systems, including physical, cloud-native, and virtual network functions (PNF, CNF, VNF) and other third-party B/OSS systems.

Furthermore, we've showcased our prowess by implementing four TM Forum Open APIs in client ecosystems and participating in catalyst projects tied to service orchestration. Our commitment to excellence is underscored by our certification of one of these Open APIs.

Incognito Service Activation Center (SAC)

Incognito Service Activation Center is a productized and cloud-ready solution that automates service activation and provisioning processes across multiple access domains, including fiber, mobile, Metro Ethernet, and cable. The solution's Converged Access OSS (CAO) approach provides a unified layer that bridges the gap between B/OSS systems and network functions using industry standards from the Broadband Forum, 3GPP, CableLabs, MEF, IEEE, and ITU-T. With SAC's catalog-driven service order management, "no code" configuration for service fulfillment processes, and centralized, network-agnostic approach for service delivery, CSPs can facilitate service rollout, reduce IT costs, and improve the subscriber experience across B2C, B2B, and B2B2X markets.

Augmenting its end-to-end service activation and fulfillment capabilities, SAC offers an extensive library of ready-to-use adapters and open APIs for easy integration into existing BSS/OSS systems, reaffirming our commitment to holistic, interoperable solutions. Moreover, SAC also maintains an inventory of all services provisioned, associated network customer premises equipment (CPE), and IP address management, providing CSPs with a clear view of what's happening on the network to speed up issue resolution, optimize network performance, and increase revenue opportunities.

The Road Ahead

Having our solution evaluated by a reputable and independent research firm and ultimately included in the Gartner Market Guide for CSP Service Design and Orchestration Solutions is a testament to our dedication to empowering CSPs. Being among the representative suppliers listed in Gartner's CSP SD&O solutions market report validates our mission of delivering innovative solutions that help CSPs transform their operations and achieve their business goals.

This commitment is further demonstrated by our participation in this year's highly anticipated TM Forum Catalyst project – Converged Access with ODA – Phase II. Building on the success of the 2022 award-winning catalyst, phase two explores the convergence of B/OSS systems to provide a centralized way to monitor and manage multiple network technologies, eliminate technology siloes and fragmented processes, and take a "service first" approach. This year's focus creates new opportunities for CSPs to offer SMB (small to medium business) service continuity over any access, ensure SLAs, and achieve hands-off operations over 5G and FTTx.

The catalyst harnesses the synergy of industry standards and cutting-edge protocols with Incognito's suite of automated OSS solutions (MAP, BCC, DX, SAC) to ensure seamless connectivity across multiple access technologies using closed-loop assurance. This allows service providers to deliver unparalleled service quality by automating the selection of the best network technology based on customer intent and SLA requirements.

To learn more about how Incognito SAC can help you streamline your service design, orchestration and automated provisioning processes, please contact us today for a free consultation.

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