IPv6 – A Manageable Challenge

By Incognito on March, 20 2012

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Not many providers have spent the time to look into managing address space. Most have an action plan for CMTS, routing, CPEs, and in some rare cases, even consumer messages, but that’s simply not enough. IPv4 can be managed with spreadsheets, homegrown Access databases, or a big word document. If not, Todd in engineering surely has the entire space ingrained in his memory.

With IPv6, however, systems like that won’t stand a chance! Planning and management are the crux of a complete IPv6 strategy. Those who invest early in a management platform will quickly reap the benefits and will be able to transition to IPv6 better and faster.

Do it right from the beginning while you still have the time and avoid paying the price when the system is swamped. IPv6 will be gentle on your network where IPv4 was not (as in exponential growth with restraining routing tables), so don’t miss your chance.

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