IPv6: What do You Still Need to Know?

By Incognito on April, 30 2013

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By now, it’s likely that many of you have started looking at which IPv6 transition option is best for your business. Regardless of your decision, you can be sure that IPv6 will present a steep learning curve when it comes to the provisioning process. To give you a practical example, below is a short video outlining IPv6 address acquisition for a cable service provider.

Clearly, transitioning to IPv6 will require you to learn new processes. However, the benefits of this change will far outweigh any growing pains that you may experience.

Familiarizing yourself with the basic concepts of IPv6 provisioning now will help you prepare for transition. Embracing the IPv6 challenge now, with full awareness of what’s involved in terms of management, commitment, and attention to detail, will allow you to make a smooth transition. IPv6 is here to stay, and you need to be ready –– or else you’ll be left behind.

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