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Optimizing Network Resources for Maximum Profitability | MAP Act

By Incognito on November, 14 2022

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As those who read the first post in this series may already know, Incognito's Network Monetization and Analytics Platform is a centralized platform spanning multiple departments and teams to support you in optimizing your network resources by providing the power to proactively address congestion, improve service quality, automate network actions, and uncover new market opportunities.

MAP's three modules–Monetize, Act, and Proactive can each help in different ways.

Previously, we discussed MAP's Monetize module, designed to let you increase revenue and gain network insights with massively scalable, technology-agnostic, standards-based data collection.

Today, we're showcasing Act which, not surprisingly, supports items you can act on. MAP's Act module facilitates moves, including setting quotas, policies, and fair usage, allowing operators to streamline network processes using policy-driven automation to enhance the customer experience and protect revenue.

Let's talk about how this can help your business.

Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

In our last post, we discussed the importance of customer retention and the role Incognito's Monetize module can play in retention. MAP Act goes even further to help ensure customers aren't just staying, but staying happy. The Act module, with its service dashboard, lets you address service issues quickly and effectively.

MAP Act can help by enabling operators:

  • Take automated action to drive service changes, such as applying configurable policies for scenarios including:
    • Service suspension due to non-payment
    • Redirection to customer portal
    • Throttling or blocking customers who have passed their plan usage thresholds
  • Engage and reach customers using omni-channel notifications, providing transparency to subscriber data consumption and self-care
  • Reduce revenue leakage by streamlining debt collection
  • Trigger notifications to B/OSS and make business decisions based on near real-time usage, as well as monitoring overages
  • Effectively manage congestion and fair use of access networks.
  • Support rapid introduction of tiered services and compelling time-bound offers like turbo-boost


  1. A subscriber calls into the customer care center reporting intermittent Internet connectivity and slowdowns
  2. Using the MAP's Subscriber Insights dashboard, the CSR (customer service representative) can quickly access the subscriber's Customer Experience Index (CEI) score. The CSR sees the subscriber's CEI scores for gaming and streaming are red, while the score for Internet browsing is yellow
  3. The CSR acknowledges the subscriber's issue, tells them their ticket is open, provides the ticket number, and confirms that a field tech was dispatched to the neighborhood 15 minutes earlier
  4. The subscriber checks his phone and sees he received a proactive notification text/SMS regarding service quality impact 20 minutes earlier
  5. The CSR adds a credit to the subscriber's account as an apology for the service impact

With MAP Act, not only can you keep your customers happy, but you can also make life easier for your employees tasked with resolving and addressing service delivery issues.

Add in the ability to increase profitability, and MAP Act offers a win-win-win solution for your customers, employees, and business

Incognito Advantage

MAP Act empowers you to augment customer experience by using the comprehensive CSR dashboard, which provides an intuitive at-a-glance view of subscriber experience metrics and allows rapid addressing of service quality issues.

Augment customer experience by rapidly addressing service quality issues using the comprehensive CSR dashboard.

Contact us to learn how MAP Act can enhance your business.

Look for the next installment in this series, highlighting the advantages of MAP Proactive.

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