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Optimizing Network Resources for Maximum Profitability | MAP Proactive

By Incognito on November, 22 2022

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The first two posts in this series have highlighted the Monetize and Act modules of Incognito's award-winning Network Monetization and Analytics Platform (MAP).

We've examined how Monetize can increase revenue and provide network insights with massively scalable, technology-agnostic, standards-based data collection. We discussed how Act facilitates moves, including setting quotas, policies, and fair usage, allowing you to streamline network processes using policy-driven automation to enhance the customer experience and protect revenue.

Proactive is designed to do just what it says – optimize your network and deliver proactive care using analytics and machine learning. It does this by supporting you in proactively addressing congestion, improving service quality, automating network actions, and uncovering new market opportunities using a centralized platform that spans multiple departments and teams.

Let's look at Proactive in more detail.

Improving today, preparing for tomorrow:

Our previous two posts focused on improving things for customers, employees, and your business. Overcoming current challenges is important; however, future-proofing for what's to come is a bonus.

MAP Proactive can help set you up for both near- and long-term success by letting you do the following:

  • Monitor network health and proactively address congestion.
  • Defer capital expenditures related to capacity improvements by improving visibility into network utilization, congestion, and trends to support growth plans.
  • Conduct what-if analysis—the impact to network and capacity planning inputs and forecasting.
  • Allow network operations and service assurance to proactively identify quality of service (QoS) network issues, including:
    • Improving service quality by identifying nodes and MAC domains experiencing congestion and prioritizing them for field engineers and network operations.
    • Taking proactive measures, such as notifying customers when there are issues.
    • Decreasing revenue loss by identifying and preemptively fixing poor service quality.


  1. MAP alerts the NOC (network operations center) of service impairments by providing proactive notification of network degradation.
  2. Using MAP Proactive tools, the user identifies impacted subscribers for the affected area of the access network, drilling down into the GIS (geographic information system) view of the network elements in question.
  3. The user performs service diagnostics to troubleshoot the issue.
  4. The MAP operations dashboard pinpoints network congestion caused by RF (radio frequency) micro-reflections.
  5. The user dispatches a field technician to address the affected neighbourhood's HFC (hybrid fiber-coaxial) plant issue.
  6. MAP pushes a notification via Kafka or API call to:
    1. Ticketing system
    2. Customer care
    3. Digital channels for affected subscribers (portal, text, IVR, etc.)

Incognito advantage:

Let MAP Proactive help you:

  1. Minimize subscriber disruption by getting out in front of service quality issues, quickly mitigating subscriber impacts with predictive analytics.
  2. Future-proof your business—ensure you're investing in the right way to optimize resources and attract and retain customers with consistent high QoS.

To get a complete view of the entire MAP solution, remember to refer to our previous two posts on the Monetize and Act modules.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information on how Incognito's MAP can help you increase ARPU from existing customers, optimize network operations, and launch new revenue-generating services.

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