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Spain's Customer Service Law and How Incognito's Solutions Enhance QoE

By Matt Mariani on March, 22 2023

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In today's connected world, subscribers expect always-on, always-fast broadband services, making them more critical of their interactions with service providers. As a result, providing top-notch customer care and a quality subscriber experience have become crucial components of any service provider's success. Operators that can provide a seamless, personalized, and consistent customer experience across all touchpoints are more likely to build long-term customer loyalty, increase customer lifetime value, and ultimately drive business growth.

For operators in Spain, this has been amplified by the government's new Customer Service Bill. Under the law, all companies with over 250 staff or $53 million in annual revenue must provide live customer support during business hours, limit the wait time to three minutes or less, and resolve issues within 15 days. Furthermore, if a customer is affected by service interruptions, such as an Internet outage, companies must tell the subscriber what the problem is and provide a solution within two hours. Failure to comply with this law can result in fines ranging from 150 euros up to 100,000 euros for serious infractions or repeat offenders.

When it comes to investing in systems that can help ease these pains, Spain has lagged behind other markets – just 22 percent of Spanish IT decision-makers named customer service as a key factor influencing new software investments, according to a survey from Gartner. Therefore, it's clear that service providers in the region have room to grow in building a robust customer experience strategy that includes innovative technology, streamlined processes, and a customer-centric culture that puts the customer's needs first.

For operators looking to level up their customer care approach, Incognito Software Systems offers proven automated OSS broadband management and orchestration solutions that help streamline operational processes and digital care channels to reduce costs and improve the customer experience.

Understanding Incognito's Solutions

With Wi-Fi-related issues accounting for up to 60 percent of all inbound customer service calls and being the leading driver behind customer churn, the pressure is on service providers to quickly resolve subscriber complaints when they arise, reduce the burden on customer care, and limit the escalation of inbound support calls. Incognito's software solutions work out of the box and are customizable and scalable, providing operators with solutions to automate the identification and resolution of service issues, provide a single view of real-time KPIs to understand home Wi-Fi performance, and proactively measure broadband service quality to improve customer satisfaction.

Additionally, Incognito's solutions go beyond simply helping resolve customer complaints and enhance the overall customer experience by providing the tools to provision new services and gain a comprehensive view of all subscriber and network activity with actionable intelligence to improve performance and increase revenues.

DX Solution for Streamlining Operations and Improved Customer Care

Incognito's Digital Experience (DX) Solution is a cutting-edge platform that revolutionizes how service providers manage their subscribers' in-home Wi-Fi networks and devices. With Incognito's unified approach to remote device management, service providers can improve the broadband experience for subscribers, expedite the resolution of connectivity issues, and monetize the connected home.

  • Unified approach to device management supported by Incognito's Auto Configuration Server (TR-069, MQTT) and User Services Platform controller (TR-369).
  • KPI analytics delivers a real-time view of device, in-home Wi-Fi network, and access network performance to enable proactive care, remote diagnostics, and service optimization.
  • Wi-Fi home scoring featuring an all-inclusive view of patterns and predictions for network devices and automated optimization of Wi-Fi settings.
  • CSR dashboard provides the operational tools enabling customer care teams to remotely perform device reboots, speed tests, and network scans.
  • Automated bulk device firmware management improves device performance and reduces the risk of fraud and security breaches.
  • Increase first-call resolution rates, shorten average call-handling times, and reduce CSR training requirements and technical skill sets with automated troubleshooting and guided issue resolutions.
  • Take advantage of TR-369 USP technology to supercharge the broadband experience and deploy smart home services such as Wi-Fi optimization, network security, and parental controls directly on devices/gateways.

Leveraging Network Intelligence for ARPU Generation

As broadband usage continues to grow, service providers need better intelligence about subscriber behaviors and network usage to not only improve the subscriber experience but also to manage service delivery, reduce costs, and increase revenues. Unlock deeper insights from the wealth of network and subscriber data operators already own with Incognito's Monetization and Analytics Platform (MAP), an AI-powered, multi-perspective analytics solution that enables real-time data collection, simplifies data analysis, and provides direct control over broadband service delivery.

With its massively scalable in-built collector, analytics engine, and easy-to-understand dashboard, Incognito's solution helps make network data meaningful and gives service providers the tools to:

  • Increase ARPU by leveraging subscriber insights to identify ideal customers for service enhancements or additional services.
  • Get fast, accurate, and informed insights into all network activity from an interactive dashboard that enables more efficient data analysis and delivers the network intelligence needed to maintain service-level agreements.
  • Proactively monitor network congestion and identify potential outages and other network issues that can impact service quality and the customer experience — before customers call in.

What's more, paired with Incognito's Service Activation Center (SAC), a productized software platform that automates end-to-end service activation and fulfillment, Incognito's solutions can help service providers generate revenue by providing valuable data and insights, creating new revenue streams through value-added services, and streamlining operations through B/OSS integration with sales agents, subscriber portals, and applications.

While this new law will force Spanish operators to reevaluate their customer care requirements and explore new systems and processes, it could also be a fantastic opportunity to establish the customer experience as a channel for growth.

By leveraging Incognito's solutions, not only can service providers meet the new regulatory requirements – helping to avoid potentially millions in fines – but also unlock new revenue opportunities and differentiate from the competition. By automating processes around device management, network analytics, and service activation, service providers can cut operating expenses (OPEX) and reduce the workload of customer support agents by 30 percent, freeing them up to focus on more complex issues and improving the overall customer experience.

Contact Incognito's team to learn more about how our solutions can help innovate your operations.

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