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Tailor Views for Your Audience

By Incognito on November, 26 2013

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Given the complexity of most networks and service arrangements, the simple answer is visibility.

When you log into your work email account, you don’t expect to see irrelevant information from other departments. You do expect to be able to easily find old emails, contacts, and other information that you use on a day-to-day basis. It’s the same principle for service management software — each level of user should be able to view information that is relevant and makes their life easier.

For administrators, this means having an overview of what’s on offer across the network and the ability to easily add and remove services, limited time offers, and other information. For CSRs, it might mean being able to view offers across the network but perhaps being limited to one region when it comes to changing subscriber information.

And of course then there are subscribers. Many are becoming much more sophisticated and expect to be able to manage their own account online. This might include viewing their subscribed services and having the ability to add and remove special promotions and new service packages at their leisure.

Why not cater to the different needs of users by providing separate views in your service management solution? For example, give administrators an in-depth overview of the network and provide a separate diagnostics and subscriber usage information utility for CSRs. With Service Activation Center, you have the ability to turn off tabs based on user types and to host user-friendly portals on the pre-integrated Apache Tomcat web server. This means that you can build a subscriber self-service portal that retains the look and feel of your brand, for example.

Handing back some control to subscribers can actually improve the level of service management that you offer, while also reducing customer service calls. At the same time, differentiating between user levels provides a more straightforward experience for administrators and CSRs, reducing confusion and helping contribute to a better overall user experience.

Want to learn more about Service Activation Center? View my presentation from ICE 2013 here.

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