The Cable Show Experience — Part Three

By Incognito on June, 14 2013

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To echo my colleague Pat and his blog post, we did fall in the shadows of some jumbo booths. We had arrived earlier in the week to find a staging ground for some BIG booth builds and the show was a great opportunity to see some of these new technologies firsthand. My favourite was the 4K HDTV, although my biggest “wow” moment occurred when the new WiFi spec (802.11ac) was put into action over the air. This latest wireless networking standard promises to deliver faster throughput and better range than 802.11n, and I can tell you, it was impressive.

In addition to meeting customers and industry peers, and learning more about the latest technology trends, The Cable Show 2013 was also an opportunity to experience life in the “Nation’s Capital”, as the locals call it. I’d go as far as saying that Washington, DC is one of the epicenters of western civilisation — it’s absolutely littered with history. Every street corner had a lineup to a museum, along with a Starbucks (of course). The roads may not be laced with gold but the curbs are made of granite. The city has reputation for being a busy place with a lot of traffic, which makes for a noisy downtown — so much so that our hotel left ear plugs on the nightstand along with a welcome note apologizing for the noise. That’s life in the capital!

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