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What’s Standard about TR-069? (Part 1)

By Incognito on February, 12 2013

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We saw this very early on when testing TR-069 devices in our lab, which is why we created the TR-069 Open Interop Program. The program is simple and open to all: manufacturers and anyone wondering about a device manufacturer’s claims. Simply point your device to our Auto Configuration Server and we can test it quickly. If the device happens to fail, our engineers have access to the log files, and can tell you where the failure occurred. This is particularly useful now that some vendors have released their own auto configuration server (ACS), which only support the devices they make. Our program can give you an idea of how your device would actually run on a standards-based ACS. This invitation applies to all, even if you’re not a customer. We see it as our way of helping promote the growth and acceptance of TR-069 as an industry standard.

We also conduct testing here in our lab and enjoy getting down and dirty with TR-069 devices, with the aim of replicating as many real-world scenarios as possible. This means testing devices from different vendors, different hardware versions, and different firmware variants. What’s the fee to you or your vendor of choice? Zip. Zero. Nada. All we need are the devices in our testing lab. Our QA and engineering staff love to play with new toys, and the more we get, the better you’ll feel when you deploy the new devices. Remember, hardware vendors are rushing to provide TR-069, and it’s inevitable that some will make mistakes. Let us help you find these issues before they hit your customers –– and your bottom line.

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