Why Host a Community Exchange?

By Incognito on November, 7 2013

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Why do we focus on users? It’s simple really. We want to know more about how you interact with our company and products. How do you utilize software to complete your business objectives and how you feel about Incognito Software helping you get there? Key team members and leaders attend ICE specifically to interact with customers. From el presidente, Stephane, to a product support specialist like Stephanie — we want to ensure that we have the right people on hand to address any concerns that you may have.

To strike up these interactions, we save the best for the conference. Product roadmaps, product previews, and new feature demonstrations are all on show. These presentations aim to give conference attendees a good idea of the future direction of the company. We encourage feedback too — we want to know if we’re heading in a good direction or not. At the end of the day, we want our users to feel confident with the path that we’re taking to develop our products and solutions.

Of course, ICE isn’t solely an exchange between users and Incognito staff; we want to promote interconnectivity between users in attendance too. To do that, we invite users to share their experiences of using and deploying our solutions. These case study sessions often demonstrate ingenuity in the ways users utilize our software to tackle challenges. We also look to break the ice between attendees through networking events and informal social events, in the hope that these exchanges can inspire or spark a new idea for users.

ICE is a great way to connect with our team and meet like-minded industry peers. The 2013 event in Cancun has been a great opportunity to give attendees the chance to voice their concerns and provide feedback directly to the team. And while they’re at it, users have been able to learn something new and share their knowledge about new ways to tackling current challenges in the cable and telco industry.

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