Remote management and monitoring of broadband devices

Simplify Device Provisioning and Management

Advanced troubleshooting, device monitoring, and bulk operation capabilities let you improve the subscriber experience.

  • Manage residential gateways with filtering, forwarding, and QoS mapping capabilities
  • Easily perform bulk operations such as firmware updates, client reboots or parameters changes
  • Monitor and diagnose devices for pre-emptive support and advanced troubleshooting
  • Enable subscriber self-management

Leverage New Service and Revenue Opportunities

Roll-out new services and bundles with next-generation devices.

  • Offer your subscribers more embedded services such as WiFi management, parental control, VoIP, storage, IPTV and femtocell access points
  • Quickly tailor your service packages in the Service Activation Center module
  • Easily define service types and add-ons

Improve Customer Care while Lowering Operational Costs

Improve QoE with zero-touch provisioning, insightful customer service, subscriber self-management options, and less disruption time during updates.

  • Quickly resolve network or device issues with an intuitive CSR dashboard
  • Give your customers the control they demand with subscriber self-management capabilities
  • Minimize disruption to subscriber routines by loading the latest snapshot of subscriber parameters to replacement devices of the same model
  • Gain a better understanding of subscriber needs and trends with data mining tools and key performance indicators

Easily Integrate with Backend Systems

Preserve your OSS/BSS investment and ensure best-in-class business processes with flexible integration capabilities.

  • Utilize the self-descriptive Web Services API for flexible integration
  • Easily integrate the Auto Configuration Server with a northbound provisioning or monitoring system
  • Ensure OSS/BSS synchronization with automatic parameter reports to the northbound OSS/BSS system
  • Store your subscriber service information in your LDAP or SQL database and have the ACS fetch service class or device-specific parameter attributes directly

Customize ACS Behavior with Extensive Scripting Capabilities

Map your business logic into our ACS, not the other way around.

  • Utilize an extensible high-performance Javascript platform to automate processes
  • Develop and manage scripts easily and reliably with integrated version control and debugging

Achieve Extended Reliability and Scalability

Deploy a highly reliable solution that will scale to your growth.

  • Provide maximum performance and scalability with a distributed architecture that supports network growth
  • Utilize highly available synchronized configurations for failover redundancy
  • Acquire a full range of functionality and high performance without compromising scalability with the unique architecture and scripting methods.

Simplify Management

Maximize efficiency with this comprehensive and intuitive device provisioning platform

  • Perform device-centric actions, monitor devices, and see all the devices behind a gateway through specialized KPI monitoring and administrative dashboards
  • Easily search through your device inventory
  • Organize customers with user-definable groups to apply consistent provisioning rules over service classes
  • Customize business logic with high performance scripting

Extensive Broadband Forum Standards Support

ACS supports a wide array of Broadband Forum standards, including:

  • Internet Gateway Device Version 1.1 Data Model for TR-069 (TR-098)
  • Provisioning Parameters for VoIP CPE (TR-104)
  • Data Model Template for TR-069-Enabled Devices (TR-106)
  • Remote Management of Home Networking Devices (TR-111)
  • ACS Northbound Interface Requirements (TR-131)
  • Data Model for a TR-069 Enabled STB (TR-135)
  • TR-069 Data Model for Storage Service Enabled Devices (TR-140)
  • Framework for TR-069 Enabled PON Devices (TR-142)
  • Enabling Network Throughput Performance Tests and Statistical Monitoring (TR-143)
  • Component Objects for CWMP (TR-157)
  • Device Data Model (TR-181)
  • Femto Access Point Service Data Model (TR-196)

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