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TR-069 Parameters Deep Dive

Published on 3 Aug 2015 

What are TR-069 Parameters Used For?

TR-069 parameters are a name/value pair where the name identifies the parameter and the value may be one of several defined data types. TR-069 parameters are important during remote procedure calls (RPC), where orders are sent between the device (CPE) and an auto configuration server (ACS) over HTTP or HTTPS.

Parameters can be read-only or writable. Read-only parameters may be used to allow an ACS to determine specific CPE characteristics, observe the current state of the CPE, or collect statistics. Writable parameters can be defined from the ACS or independently modifiable through the device LAN interface.

Through the TR-069 discovery process, the ACS learns what parameters a particular CPE will support, as well as the default value of those parameters. If the CPE does not announce a particular parameter, this indicates that the CPE does not support that parameter.

Specification-Defined Parameters

The TR-069 specification includes a set of data models. Data models group together parameters applicable to a particular use case. For example:

TR-064 and TR-133

LAN CPE Devices

TR-068 and TR-124

Gateway Modems


Internet Gateway Device Data Model for TR-069


Provisioning Parameters for VoIP CPE


Data Model Template for TR-069-Enabled Devices


Reference Models for VoIP configurations


Applying TR-069 to Remote Management of Home Networking


ATA Devices


Triple-Play Services Quality of Experience (QoE Requirements)

TR-128 and WT-123

TR-069 testing support


ACS Northbound Interface Requirements


Data Model for a TR-069 Enabled STB

TR 140

TR-069 Data Model for Storage Service Enabled Devices


Framework for TR-069 Enabled Passive Optical Network (PON) Devices


Enabling Network Throughput Performance Tests and Statistical Monitoring


Component Objects for CWMP (UPnP/DLNA Device Support)


Device Data Model for TR-069


Femto Access Point Service Data Model


WiMax Forum Specification for TR-069 devices


Visit the Broadband Forum website for further information about the TR-069 standard and its extensions.

Vendor-Specific Parameters

In addition to parameters that are defined within the data models, device vendors may extend the standardized parameter list with vendor-specific parameters and objects.

Vendor-specific parameters differ from generic, specification-defined parameters because they contain “X_VENDOR.Vendorspecificname” in the parameter name, where the vendor is either the organizational unique identifier (OUI) or domain name.

These parameters are unique to the OUI/firmware combination of the device, which makes it impossible to cross-provision vendor-specific parameters to multiple vendors. Even different levels of firmware may invalidate parameters (for example, newer versions of firmware may add support for a parameter which was not present in earlier releases).

Parameters Supported by Incognito

Incognito has developed a vendor-agnostic TR-069 solution for the remote management of TR-069 CPE. Incognito Auto Configuration Server supports all parameters as defined by Broadband Forum but perhaps more importantly, it can also flexibly support vendor-specific parameters without additional input from the user.

This is because the solution accepts what the device reports during the discovery process and simply reads the parameter names and values into the database, as provided by the device.

Find out more about  Incognito Auto Configuration Server here.