Service Activation Center

High-Speed Data, Voice, and Video Service Activation

Simplify your fiber services rollout without overhauling your BSS

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Service Activation Center eliminates activation barriers and expedites the fulfillment of catalog-driven service offerings — automating provisioning and streamlining back-end processes to save OPEX, while increasing activation and service fulfillment speeds to improve end-user quality of experience.

Fast, Hassle-free Roll Out of New Services

One-click service activation and order fulfillment reduces the workloads of back-office system managers, customer service representatives, network operations managers, and marketing personnel.

Increase ARPU with Dynamic Marketing Models

Readily activate new service tiers, usage-based pricing and packaging models, free trial and reduced-price incentives, prepaid and postpaid billing models, and targeted value-added applications.

Streamline Internal Processes

Increase internal efficiencies, save OPEX, and reduce the risk of errors by integrating and automating BSS and OSS communications.

Monetize Subscribers with New Revenue Opportunities

Offer prepaid service options to supplement end-user quality of experience and continuously increase your bottom line.

Give Customers the Control They Want

Configure subscriber self-service options that allow your users to set parental controls, manage gateway options, adjust network and WiFi settings, and purchase new services.

Prepare for Expansion and Consolidation

Scale operations and support consolidation through multi-service activation at the regional level with the full flexibility to adapt services to meet local requirements.

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Key Components

Open API

APIs allow you to provision and activate services to an array of devices and protocols, giving you a completely open and scalable solution for ongoing service activation.

Business Process

Integrating and streamlining front and back-end processes to a centralized platform for catalog-driven service fulfillment reduces OPEX caused by cumbersome manual communication, while giving subscribers an adaptive platform to select their services.

Adapter Framework

Use the Northbound Interface to bring new systems onto the message bus and support the ongoing integration of new back-office and network components through easy-to-build service adapters.

Web-enabled UI

An easily extensible web-based platform offers configurable functions for various roles within your organization, and enables the ability to offer web-based subscriber self-service portals. The intuitive interface is accessible from the web and can be used from any location without the need to install additional software clients.

Data Modelling

Store all the Service Activation Center data objects, like subscriber, account, device, and service offering information, in an easy-to-access centralized location. Objects are modeled using classes defined in the database schema.