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Isaac Trigo

Isaac Trigo is the lead Sales Engineer for the EMEA region at Incognito Software Systems. With a technical background in OSS and orchestration, encompassing NFV, SD-WAN, and cloud services, Isaac has over 14 years of experience in the Telco sector. He has held various roles within delivery, starting from a technical developer to becoming a proficient Solution Architect and Project Manager. Having earned his PMP credential in 2011, Isaac possesses a comprehensive understanding of project management methodologies, enabling him to effectively lead and execute complex projects in the telecommunications domain. His expertise extends to solution architecture, where he demonstrates a keen ability to design and implement tailored solutions that address the diverse business challenges of clients across different countries and regions. Isaac's recent focus lies in presales and customer-facing activities, where he has successfully translated his deep technical knowledge into tangible solutions for clients. His track record includes the identification, development, and delivery of large-scale, intricate solutions that add substantial value to the business objectives of his customers.
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USP Summit 2024 Exclusive: Insights into Next-Gen Broadband Innovation
By Isaac Trigo on March 12, 2024

Emerging technologies have sparked a fresh wave of innovation within the broadband industry, and at the forefront is the User Services Platform (USP) TR-369 and its comprehensive data model...

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