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Uruguay's Broadband Market Opens Up: Achieve Success with Incognito

By Incognito on March, 21 2023

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In our connected world, subscribers have come to think of their Internet connection as another utility – something that should be there whenever they need or want it. However, to attract subscribers in a competitive market, providing a connection is just the first step. Price, quality of experience (QoE), and innovative services are differentiators persuading consumers to choose one provider over another.

For operators in Uruguay who are now eligible to offer fixed broadband Internet services, not only do they need to attract new customers, they must do so while controlling OPEX (operating expenses) and maximizing ARPU (average revenue per user). This will help avoid customer churn and support growth by allowing operators to continue offering great service at a competitive price.

Incognito Software Systems can help operators quickly adapt and scale to provide these new services with our productized orchestration OSS (operational support system) platforms that accelerate time to value – offering faster time to deploy and faster time to market, with automation to reduce OPEX and optimize service agility.

Understanding Incognito's Solutions

We understand that integration to legacy systems, onboarding new vendor equipment types, and implementing new business processes can impact service launch speed. That's why we offer productized software solutions that can integrate with legacy systems and bring much-needed orchestration tools for digital channels and operational automation. Incognito's solutions work out of the box and are configurable and scalable.

Broadband Command Center (BCC) – DOCSIS provisioning

Accelerate service rollout, optimize QoE, streamline operations, and more with Incognito's industry-leading DOCSIS provisioning solution, which offers end-to-end device provisioning, management, and multi-standard support in a single carrier-grade platform. Put BCC's renowned flexibility, reliability, and extensive feature set to work and see why it's deployed in more than 200 cable network operators globally.

  • Accelerate rollout of multi-play services, enhance subscriber experience, and streamline operations with end-to-end device provisioning and management capabilities.
  • Deliver next-gen services with DOCSIS 4.0 support and automatically and accurately configure and manage any device.
  • Prevent denial of service, cable modem cloning, and other attacks with security features that protect network and services.
  • Automatically and centrally manage dynamic IPv4 and IPv6 address allocation, DNS records, and DOCSIS configurations based on user-defined policies.

There are three main reasons why Incognito's BCC is the industry leader and the best option to meet operators' needs:

  1. All-in-one platform: While other solutions require multiple products to be bundled, BCC offers end-to-end device provisioning, management, and multi-standard support, including DOCSIS, PacketCable, CableLabs, and DPoX, in a single software platform. Incognito's high availability and fully redundant and distributed DHCP deployment lets operators support millions of subscriber devices and avoid the risk of customer service disruptions.
  2. Pricing: Incognito provides operators with a stable model for growth by including all the features needed in our advertised price. All upgrades are covered by maintenance and support costs – no need to worry about hidden costs or "upgrade fees" every few years!
  3. Flexibility: BCC allows operators to automatically and accurately configure and manage devices regardless of vendor, firmware version, or DOCSIS version (3.0, 3.1, 4.0). Combine this with Incognito's proven track record of understanding and adjusting to individual customer needs, and operators can enjoy a smooth and seamless migration leading to a successful implementation.

Digital Experience (DX) Solution

Incognito's DX solution is a next-generation device management and data collection solution which helps boost operational efficiency and launch innovative high-ARPU services. Leveraging Incognito's widely-deployed TR-069 Auto Configuration Server, which features TR-369 User Services Platform support, the DX solution supports various deployment options, including on-prem and cloud-based, to deliver a quality digital experience for subscribers and meet the needs of any operator.

  • Launch new revenue-generating services in the connected home with the ability to manage the lifecycle of virtualized applications on CPE, gateways, and STBs (set-top boxes).
  • Boost QoE with unified device management offering remote in-home network and device management and troubleshooting abilities.
  • Improve visibility and control over the full lifecycle of CPE (customer premises equipment) devices with holistic remote device management on a secure, multi-tenant platform.
  • Proactively troubleshoot and resolve connectivity issues with insight into Wi-Fi performance provided by real-time network monitoring, alerts, and KPI analytics.

Service Activation Center (SAC)

Incognito's productized, cloud-ready SAC software platform enables operators to rapidly launch and scale IP services over any access network. Its modular architecture makes deployment simple, helping monetize services sooner with well-orchestrated and assured order fulfillment processes.

Operators and their customers can benefit from features including:

Automated service activation and fulfillment:

  • Increase fulfillment success rates, onboard customers quickly, and improve their digital experience with error-free processes.
  • Monetize services quickly and easily while minimizing operational costs with streamlined back-end processes.

Configurable product offerings:

  • Decrease time-to-market with the ability to quickly add new services, tiers, packages, and more.
  • Optimize billing/charging with support for a wide range of prepaid billing models (e.g., scheduled, time-based, volume-based) covering any service type.

Configurable business rules editor (BRE):

  • Reduce costs and speed B/OSS and network integration with a 'no-code' approach.

By leveraging Incognito's solutions, service providers can capitalize on the new opportunities now open in Uruguay while differentiating their business from the competition. Ensure operations are up and running quickly and efficiently with Incognito's productized orchestration platforms and start taking advantage of process automation to control OPEX, and fast, error-free onboarding along with proactive network management and troubleshooting to deliver a quality subscriber experience.

Contact Incognito's team to learn more about how our solutions can help innovate your operations.

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