Accelerate fulfillment of catalog-driven service offerings

Use business logic to automate multi-service activation across all networks and devices.

  • End-to-end integration of access network technologies, back-office support systems, and end-user devices
  • Support for DOCSIS, DSL, PacketCable, SIP, WiMAX and FTTx, TR-069, DTV and Voice Call Features
  • Enforced integrity of all transactions across platforms based on your unique business process rules
  • Comprehensive service activation and management through CSR interfaces, billing, device provisioning, and much more

Billing System Flexibility

Choose from a Direct Entry Billing model or Billing Fed 2-Way model, depending on your needs.

Direct-entry billing:

  • Service Activation Center is upstream from the billing system, and the SAC interface is the main interface used by CSRs and subscribers
  • All messages sent to billing are initiated by SAC

Billing fed 2-way model:

  • The Service Activation Center is downstream from the billing system
  • The billing system’s GUI is the main interface used by CSRs and subscribers
  • All messages sent to SAC are initiated by the billing system

Simplified Activation of Prepaid Service Options

The Prepaid Services Module provides a simple way to flexibly set up pay-as-you-go or try-and-buy offers along with credit card and smart card payments. For existing subscribers, you can add new charges directly to their billing statements.

  • Service Activation Center prepaid capability represents a low-cost point of entry without relying on a costly subscription billing system
  • Support for a wide range of prepaid billing models, such as scheduled, time-based and volume-based, for any type of service
  • Support try-and-buy promotions through a different configuration of service categories
  • Provide CSRs with instant access to the history of all usage on prepaid services

Unprecedented Marketing Flexibility

Continually generate new offers through simple service configuration adjustments, including:

  • Free trials of new services or service tiers
  • Pay-as-you-go usage of higher levels of bandwidth on broadband
  • Discount packaging combinations and time-restricted free usage

Simple Implementation of Customer Self-Service Applications

Create and manage end-user self-service portals that offer capabilities such as parental control and content personalization. With Service Activation Center, your customers can:

  • Apply parental controls on a per-device basis
  • Add restrictions to certain TV channels during specific hours or disable access to specific premium services
  • Manage service content and access according to their individual preference

Scalable, Modular, and Extensible

Service Activation Center comes with ready-to-use adapters that serve a variety of activation functions to third-party systems. These adapters have already been integrated with leading network and back-office system components from multiple vendors. Now you can:

  • Bring customers on newly built or acquired networks into the multi-service activation domain
  • Easily add new management modules that extend activation into new networks

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