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Ladi Astrab

As Incognito's Director of Sales Engineering, Ladi leverages his deep understanding of the global service provider marketplace with a strong technical knowledge of IP and network technologies to help customers navigate the competitive landscape and achieve their business goals. With 20+ years of customer-facing experience, holding roles including Solution Architect Director, Project Manager, Sales Engineer, Regional Network and Telecom Manager, and Account Manager, Ladi is able to have meaningful conversations and provide insight to help providers innovate and grow. A self-described technology advocate, Ladi's commitment to continuous learning makes him a savvy and trusted industry advisor.
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Events User Services Platform

User Services Platform Summit: Leading the Charge with USP Technology
By Ladi Astrab on September 15, 2023

Co-written by Sonya Goodanetz Incognito was delighted to participate in the recent User Services Platform Summit and Plugfest hosted by the Broadband Forum, where we got an enlightening...

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Events Device Management

Navigating the Future of the Connected Home at Fiber Connect 2023
By Ladi Astrab on August 23, 2023

In an era driven by digital connectivity, the demand for seamless, high-speed internet access continues to grow exponentially. As we delve into traffic management, cloud servers, and home...

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Fiber Connect 2023 – A Future of Digital Prosperity and Connectivity
By Ladi Astrab on August 22, 2023

The first day at the Fiber Connect show here in Orlando. There is much exciting news and the direction that the fiber industry is heading. I, for one, am very excited to be a part of this...

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