Fiber Services Roll-Out: Improve your Return on Investment

Improve ROI

Key to the success for any business is the return on investment. Achieving a good return on investment depends a large amount on the support systems that are used to manage the customer services. Like all communication service providers, there are key challenges when rolling out fiber networks.

In to the Incognito Webinar, Fiber Service Roll-Out: Activation, Fulfillment, and Assurance, we focus in on the activation of triple-play fiber services. This webinar addresses the major challenges when rolling out a new B/OSS architecture or customizing a current architecture to fit fiber. Gain a better understanding of how to activate and manage subscriber services on a fiber network, and hear insightful discussion about:

  • Management of customer orders: integrating the many touch-points
  • Process automation
  • B/OSS business and technology considerations
  • Understanding the primary and support activity considerations in the order-to-customer process
  • ROI considerations
  • Optimizing business processes
  • Whether to connect or remove business silos

Check out the video below!

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