Improve Customer Satisfaction with Seamless CPE Evergreening

Technology races forward at rapid speeds, but that doesn’t mean our devices have to fall behind. At first glance, firmware management on existing customer-premises equipment (CPE) may not seem like something that would impact the bottom line. But when you step back and consider how much Quality of Experience (QoE) and customer retention accounts for in the broadband and telecommunication industries, there are significant revenue impacts that come from ensuring customer devices are up-to-date and issue-free.

Keeping CPE evergreen is no easy task. With hundreds of different CPEs amongst thousands of subscribers, it’s challenging for operators to satisfy their customers’ expectation for non-disruptive service quality. That’s why operators need software tools that can coordinate bulk firmware updates with minimal impact on subscriber usage.

Here are some questions to ask when searching for the best firmware management solution:

Does it provide an organized library of information?
Your solution should automatically retrieve and organize existing CPE firmware data. This not only hastens delivery time to your customer, it also lowers operational costs.

Is the update process automated?
This is an obvious question, but an important one nonetheless. By ensuring automated processes are in place, you’ll lessen dependency on administrator monitoring and minimize impacts on your subscribers’ usage.

Am I provided real-time notifications and reports?
You need to know when issues occur, and how to resolve problems immediately — even during an ongoing update. Having access to real-time reports and receiving automatic notifications when CPE updates fail will help ensure that your operations finish successfully.

How do I ensure fast issue resolution when problems do occur?
When an issue occurs, the best tools will have an automated solution. One way to achieve this is through issue-resolution scripts. These can be built before or during updates, and left in queue to resolve common update failures. With scripted resolution available, your bulk operations can run without the need for administrative monitoring.

We all want our gadgets and technology to work out of the box, and consumers expect the same of their CPE. By ensuring that your existing customers are satisfied with their legacy CPE, you’ll not only reduce time spent on issue resolution, you’ll improve QoE to boost overall subscriber loyalty — and keep your revenue stream flowing.

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