The Santa Bandwidth Conspiracy


Have you been naughty or nice this year? Whether you’ll be receiving gifts this Christmas, or playing the role of Santa, chances are the gift you get or receive will be some sort of electronic device with Internet connectivity. As always, you’ll see the usual suspects such as game consoles and smartphones under the Christmas tree, however other devices with Internet connectivity like smart weather stations, cameras that can upload to the web, media players, and kitchen appliances are also gaining popularity.

This connectivity phenomenon has lead to a scenario where demand for bandwidth is at an all time high. Compounding this problem are on-demand media services such as Netflix, which allow for the consumption of content from any device, anytime and anywhere. Device connectivity has increased bandwidth demand, and created a situation where you, as a service provider, no longer know what to expect in terms of consumer requirements. On top of that, in the future consumers will come to expect the same quality of experience from all their connected devices, no matter how much bandwidth is constrained.

So what can you do? Borrow an elf from the North Pole? Perhaps you could ask Santa to drop a bandwidth management solution into your stocking this year. In case that doesn’t happen and you end up receiving a game console instead, you need to find a bandwidth management solution that will help you manage the increasing bandwidth requirement on your pipe. This is where a properly designed, implemented, and integrated IPDR solution can save the day and make sure that little Andrew is not crying when his gaming friends tell him that they don’t want to play with him anymore because his console hangs up all the time.

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