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4 Resources to Help with IPv6 Planning

Published on 6 May 2014


The survey found that while 14% of providers have deployed IPv6 on their networks, only 4% have started offering IPv6 addresses to end users. This slow deployment can be attributed to several factors — thorough planning and/or testing, costs, long timelines, or hurdles faced during implementation.

There may also be a disconnect between expectations and reality when it comes to implementation. More than 70% of survey respondents anticipated deploying IPv6 on their networks within two years — highly optimistic given the low number of IPv6-ready companies today. When asked to share their best practice tips, many respondents highlighted the importance of planning.

With this in mind, here are four useful, free resources to help you with your IPv6 planning:

  1. RIPE: Preparing an IPv6 Address Plan
  2. Internet Society: IPv6 Address Planning: Guidelines for IPv6 Address Allocation
  3. APNIC: IPv6 Best Current Practices
  4. ARIN: IPv6 Wiki — Prepare for IPv6