Daddy, Why Can’t I Watch TV Today?

By Incognito on December, 16 2014

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But now they start calling your helpdesk because the video is pixelated and they can’t download what they need. They run an Internet speed test and boom! They find out that they’re paying for 20-megabit speeds but only getting 8! Travesty! Tragedy! They want to know why their provider is cheating them out of their hard-earned money and why their whole family is suffering.

What’s going on?

As a provider, you either don’t know you have a problem or have not done the necessary network upgrades to support the speed you are selling. And it is just going to get slower, and slower, and slower. You need to start using a toolset that will allow you to predict when your network is running out of bandwidth and where it’s occurring.

You need to know if, and more likely where, you are having issues with your network. You need to start addressing these issues as fast as possible to keep your customers happy. This is the only way you can stay ahead of the demands that your subscribers are imposing on the network and guarantee you can prove that your subscribers are getting what they pay for.

Now is the time to start exploring tools that achieve this. Because as we all know: happy children = happy parents, happy parents = happy subscribers, and happy subscribers = happy providers.

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