Delivering Business Services Over DOCSIS

By Incognito on January, 14 2014

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Like any expansion, you need to consider what’s involved before you take the plunge. Business customers have more complex demands than residential subscribers and require strong, enterprise-level support for the back end. It’s not just about offering a big pipe for increased bandwidth — you also need to consider local router configurations, capacity management and be able to guarantee high availability and quality of service.

Then there are additional services that business customers may require. VoIP and data services, such as cloud-based data centers, are among some of the more common cable-based business services. This area is likely to expand further as more companies employ remote workers and require large file sharing, voice, and video conferencing capabilities to manage workflow.

It’s clear that commercial services over DOCSIS represent an excellent opportunity for increased revenues and expanded cable portfolios. Insight Research estimates commercial services actually are the largest segment in the US.. telecommunications market and growing 10 to 20% annually. Expansion into this market segment could therefore provide big pay-offs for providers who explore the option thoroughly — and make sure that they can meet the demands of their customers.

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