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Fiber Services Roll-Out: Improve your Return on Investment

By Ronan Bracken on October, 4 2016

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In to the Incognito Webinar, Fiber Service Roll-Out: Activation, Fulfillment, and Assurance, we focus in on the activation of triple-play fiber services. This webinar addresses the major challenges when rolling out a new B/OSS architecture or customizing a current architecture to fit fiber. Gain a better understanding of how to activate and manage subscriber services on a fiber network, and hear insightful discussion about:

  • Management of customer orders: integrating the many touch-points
  • Process automation
  • B/OSS business and technology considerations
  • Understanding the primary and support activity considerations in the order-to-customer process
  • ROI considerations
  • Optimizing business processes
  • Whether to connect or remove business silos

Check out the video below!

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