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Introducing the Incognito Digital Experience Solution

By Pete Koat on April, 25 2018

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Digital transformation in the home network needs to accelerate, and fast. Smart-home technology and internet devices boasting new service capabilities are now sharing the same home WiFi network. It’s complex. Device contention, impact on the SLA, and the risks of fraud are prevalent. And, it will only get more complex with more devices being added from different vendors to support new internet and smart home services, virtualized software, and more. The impact is being felt with escalating operational costs and unhappy customers.  

What’s needed?

A new approach that can power automation in the digital home network, streamline problem resolution, and reduce the operational burden on customer care.

The solution is here. Today, Incognito Software Systems Inc. introduces its Digital Experience Solution. A video is worth a thousand words — find out how Incognito is leading the way towards an outstanding digital broadband experience.

Incognito — powering the digital home broadband experience today and into the future.

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