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Manage Devices with TR-069

By Incognito on January, 21 2014

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Already, we’re seeing more broadband service providers move towards policies focused on managing bandwidth increases by offering add-ons, tiered packages, and data caps. However, bandwidth is only part of the puzzle. As devices like home set-top boxes and gaming consoles become essential for entertainment, home networks are becoming more complicated for subscribers to manage. Quality of service issues can stem from any number of problems, such as WiFi, firmware, or a malfunctioning device. How can you guarantee a high quality of experience if you can’t even see what’s happening on the customer premises network?

TR-069 is a Broadband Forum protocol that has been used in the wireline industry for years to give service providers greater visibility into residential networks. TR-069 is gaining a stronger foothold in the cable industry, with many operators starting with small deployments aimed at set-top boxes.

This protocol has the potential to become even more widespread thanks to the improved, remote device management it offers service providers. With TR-069, you can schedule automatic parameter changes and firmware updates for a large number of devices at a time. These bulk operations may be for firmware updates, client reboots, and parameter changes, and run every day during a specified maintenance window until the task is complete.

Why is this useful? TR-069 remote management saves you resources because an administrator only needs one “set and forget” operation to configure a change for potentially thousands of devices. Scheduling events ahead of time reduces the need for support calls and minimizes subscriber disruptions. You can review the entire operation’s progress at any time, rather than tracking individual devices. You can easily view logs of why an operation is scheduled, who authorized it and identify any issues, such as failure to complete.

Strong device management — including diagnostics and maintenance — is essential for a good customer experience. To find out more about TR069, check out our FAQ or learn about our multi-network TR-069 solution.

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