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By Incognito on September, 20 2012

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Industry standards help simplify support for all the new gadgets coming out every week. However, it becomes more difficult to support multiple devices when different manufacturers choose to interpret the same standard differently. This may be because a manufacturer does not have enough staff dedicated to compliance, or it could be due to someone cutting corners and only following certain specifications. I’m always astounded by how reluctant some vendors are about standards compliance, and I’ve mentioned before how unsettling it is to discover vendors that make false claims about compliance.

We try to mitigate this problem by finding out where the device falls short so that your systems run smoothly. Our job is to add support for any discrepancies to ensure that the device functions correctly. We do this by working with willing manufacturers to install their latest and greatest developments in our labs for testing. We also supply manufacturers with lab versions of our software for in-house testing and the development of new firmware. We’ve also been going the extra mile to add features to our software in anticipation of new devices and standards. For example, our TR-069 Open Interop Program is an example of how we promote standards compliance. You can use this free program to quickly verify whether your device meets the TR-069 Broadband Forum standard.

As a consumer, I expect my shiny new devices to work without a hitch. As our customer, you can expect the same.

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