Recap: Incognito Community Exchange 2015

By Incognito on April, 10 2015

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Here’s a recap on what went down from Tuesday to Thursday.

Boot Camp is a staple at our conference and is now more popular than ever. The Boot Camp team brought in dozens of devices and prepared virtual modems (VMs) for each seat. This year, we also chose to increase the complexity of the Boot Camp exercises to introduce more advanced concepts to cater to seasoned users but also had to make sure we provided the support to guide new users. This approach kept attendees engaged and also made a better impression on users who were unfamiliar with the solution by demonstrating what the solution can do.

The following day we kicked off the main conference. One of our overlying goals at each year of the conference is to start a conversation on trends and best practices in the industry. So, what better way than to show our attendees what we’re up to, what we think the trends are, and in which direction we’re going? A keynote from our president, Stephane Bourque, kicks things off by doing just that, sharing some of the newest developments and accomplishments at Incognito.

A mix of sessions followed — case studies to share experiences using our products and services; panels to talk about the latest trends and issues; tech presentations to introduce solutions — and each one was led by various industry thought-leaders from companies like CableLabs, Hitron, Suddenlink, Com Hem, Midcontinent Communications, and ARRIS.

At the ICE-first breakout session, we split our attendees into similar groups and encourage them to share their challenges and best practices. We felt that the smaller groups helped promote a stronger community discussion, while also encouraging networking. Attendees also had time to talk to key members from Incognito, from our product lifecycle managers, support engineers, and lead executives. Whether it was to praise or complain, we made sure we were there to listen so we can continue to improve.

We also unveiled our take of the virtual CPE (vCPE) in Vegas. While this prototype is an early alpha, we got to demonstrate some of the key features of virtualizing a CPE, like rapid time-to-market for delivering new features and functionality.

All in all, it was three days of learning, sharing, and exchanging. We felt that this year’s conference was a success and we hope our attendees took something with them. The Incognito team has also learned a lot from our users, and we hope to incorporate this into the solutions we build.

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