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The Future of TV is Everywhere

By Incognito on August, 6 2014

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After record amounts of online viewing from IP-connected devices during major sports events in 2014, like the World Cup and Winter Olympic Games, the adoption of live-streaming is becoming more prevalent than ever before. TV operators have taken great strides towards making broadcast content available to whichever platform the consumer is most comfortable with, and nearly every operator has either introduced or is planning to offer TVE.

The young generations now expect to access TV programs and stream content everywhere they go, whether it’s waiting at a clinic, transit station, airport, or in any lineup. This demand for accessible content and high-quality streaming everywhere continues to gain momentum as advancements are made. Consumers expect TV programs to be as accessible as Netflix, Amazon, or Google.

Ultimately, all programs will be available in TVE, however, there are a number of obstacles that need to be addressed before this becomes a reality. Rights of ownership, cost, scalability, awareness, and education are all under intense scrutiny by cable operators. How to monetize content across all platforms has yet to be determined.

Once these hurdles are crossed, we are likely to see a big marketing push to advertise and distribute TV programming to everyone — everywhere.

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