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’Tis The Season To Be Fraud Free!

By Incognito on November, 29 2016

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In North America alone, cable providers incur more than $1billion in lost revenue from fraud each year, with small to mid-sized operators most at risk* — and the figure is even higher in Europe. This figure shows how significant this problem is, and unfortunately, many operators are unaware of just how much fraud affects their networks.

As I’ve written about in a previous blog post, there are standards available and steps that providers can take to detect and stop fraud on their networks. Now, let’s look at what advantages a fraud-free network offers.

Here’s an example on how a year without fraud can take your organization to new highs:

Higher revenue

Fraudulent users can turn into paying customers. Think about the potential revenue currently being missed out on and what you can gain by identifying and taking proactive measures such as displaying a portal to subscribe to services for fraudulent users.

Higher QoS

By preventing fraudulent devices from taking up the resources and headroom required to service your valid subscribers, you’ll retain faster recovery times for outages (e.g. CMTS or network maintenance, planned or unplanned) and better scalability of provisioning systems throughout your network.

Higher QoE

Blocking fraudulent devices from stealing bandwidth means that more bandwidth is now available for paying customers, providing for a better experience on a legitimate subscriber devices.

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