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What’s Standard about TR-069? (Part 2)

Published on 19 Feb 2013


Unfortunately, it seems that a large number of device manufacturers are failing to deliver adequate TR-069 support as outlined in the Broadband Forum standard. Some devices fail obvious tests, while others just don’t backup their claims. Some device makers come from the SNMP world and are having a hard time letting go, while others are not taking TR-069 seriously at all. And then there are the manufacturers that like the idea of TR-069 but deliver a proprietary scheme over the top. This group will cite anything from security concerns to vendor differentiation, or whatever other excuse they can come up with for not reading a few documents.

It’s time for all of us to get equipment vendors behind this important protocol. TR-069 is a way to change the industry for the better by giving service providers increased network visibility and remote support, but for this protocol to be successful, vendors must give TR-069 the attention it deserves. Device vendors must understand that the key to their brand new product is not just its functionality, but also the way it integrates with an existing management and monitoring platform. Following standards will go a long way to get that super-duper gizmo up and running, and allow you to provide the fantastic experience that you want to deliver to subscribers. If you’re working with a device vendor, point them to us. We’ll help them with our TR-069 Open Interop service and if they send us devices, we’ll integrate them into our regression testing forever. Come on! Together we can make TR-069 a success!