Why Executive Buy-in is Essential for IPv6 Deployment

By Incognito on May, 22 2014

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Implementing IPv6 is a big project that involves more than just network planners and engineers. When it comes to making this kind of investment, you need to make sure that your higher-ups are supportive — or else, you risk holding back the entire project.

Our recent IPv6 Readiness Survey highlighted the importance of management buy-in, with 43% of IPv6-ready respondents stating they began implementation to comply with an executive mandate.

You may even require management approvals to kick-start your planning process. IPv6 implementation goes beyond upgrading CMTS infrastructure, CPEs, and routing — you also need a clear plan for managing IP address space.

Many providers have managed IPv4 with spreadsheets, homegrown databases, or ad-hoc systems for years. However, IPv6 will deliver more than four times the number of addresses as its predecessor, and without a real platform for address management, you risk losing control of your resources. Investing early in a management platform will ease the transition to IPv6 and help prepare you prepare for the future.

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