A Truly Open API

By Incognito on December, 4 2012

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This information between the customer device and your system can sometimes appear to be a big mess. One of the pillars on which I have built this company is the value of a strong API. At Incognito, we have one rule: our own applications must use the same API that we publish to our customers. This means that any time you see our CLI or our GUI interact with our services, you can also do the same. There is no secret sauce, no back door to tamper with databases directly, and nothing is hidden. Any API available to us is also available to you. That’s our definition of a truly open API: one that is open to you and your teams.

Our open API simplifies integration with the various back-end systems that exist today, and you can be confident our engineering and QA teams have tested it rigorously. If your API is broken, then ours will be too, and you can be sure that we’ll find and fix the problem quickly. This means that you can have the confidence to build new apps and keep your subscribers happy. And by the way, if you let us know what you build, I’ll be happy to put it in my blog!

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