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Decreasing New Services Time-to-Market with SDN and NFV

By Incognito on April, 19 2016

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Service introduction velocity for operators has been an ongoing subject for many years. The ability to introduce any new service is the ability to define new products and generate new revenues. Some of the most significant developments in service orchestration, Software Defined Networks (SDN) and their relationships with Network Function Virtualization (NFV), are beginning to intersect with new product service delivery. Consider for a moment the delivery of end-to-end Virtual Private Network (VPN) between commercial customers. Some questions come to mind:

  • How would an operator achieve this today when the network endpoints at each site are DOCSIS Cable Modems?
  • Can the operator easily commit network resources between these two endpoints?
  • What if one of the endpoints is a Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) fiber Network Interface Device (NID)?

Clearly, we have a number of challenges just thinking about how the multiple topology concerns might be organized, let alone provisioned and made ready to accept revenue-generating services.

Incognito enables operators to establish the necessary provisioning logic from the DOCSIS network endpoints, in addition to enabling subscriber-aware DHCP processing for MEF NID serviced customers.

This leaves the network itself between the endpoints. This is where an SDN Controller, with its ability to interpret network topology and available resources, driven by a service orchestrator, where product definition was formed, is able to define the service intention between the respective network endpoint devices.

For the operator, an orchestrated conversation may now occur from the back office BSS/OSS systems, communicating dependencies of a product to the topology that will deliver the service. This achieves both subscriber-aware device and demarc provisioning in addition to dynamic network element provisioning, resulting in significantly increased service introduction velocity.

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