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Why a Flexible Subscriber Dashboard is the Most Powerful Path Forward

By Incognito on November, 21 2017

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Operators can save themselves a great deal of support costs by constructing intuitive dashboards that limit capabilities and guide non-technical users through the process of self-care, but simplified UI/UX can go too far, blocking the more advanced users from completing technical tasks. A balance must be struck to satisfy the needs of both technical and non-technical subscribers. How can UI/UX help?

When enabling the most valuable subscriber portals, flexibility is key. This means giving subscribers the freedom to choose the abilities they are comfortable handling. This can be done with configurable and flexible UI/UX options. At a basic level, operators should create two UI/UX options for their subscribers; let’s call them “simplified” and “advanced” modes. Best practice is to ensure that the choice between a simplified and advanced view is the first thing a user sees after logging in to their subscriber dashboard.

In the simplified mode, users should be greeted with common, non-technical language and limited capabilities so that they don’t feel intimidated. Rudimentary tasks, such as resetting WiFi passwords or changing SSIDs (which could be simply titled, “Change My Network Name”) can be completed within this secured space. This would help subscribers with limited technical knowledge complete the simple tasks which often aren’t worth the cost of a call to the helpdesk.

In the advanced mode, users should gain a more comprehensive overview of all network settings and the ability to adjust any home network setting that the operator believes a subscriber with technical knowledge is capable of managing. This can include port-forwarding adjustments, firewall settings, and parental controls.

With this model of configurable and flexible UI/UX, operators enhance customer satisfaction with an “always available” communication channel that satisfied the needs of both technical and non-technical subscribers. This unlocks numerous other benefits, including:

  • A customized user experience
  • Instant resolution to minor subscriber issues
  • Reduction in the frequency of support calls
  • Brand enforcement and company advertising possibilities
  • New service promotion and fulfilment opportunities

Learn more about integrating a subscriber dashboard with flexible UI/UX.

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