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Preserving Network Capacity with Network Policies

By Incognito on November, 28 2017

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So how can communication service providers address the growing demand for capacity without breaking the bank on infrastructure costs? For many CSPs the answer is network traffic management. A recent announcement from Verizon shows how they are able to reduce the cost impacts of video on their networks, allowing them to redeploy that capital for strategic initiatives. These results are not unique — managing network capacity wisely can result in significant cost savings to your business.

We have seen similar benefits when network management policies are applied to fixed networks. After trials of network fair sharing, a Caribbean customer was able to forecast an 18 month capacity investment deferral by managing their heaviest user traffic during peak periods. They not only realized a cost savings but were also able to improve the service experience for 90% of their subscribers by proactively managing congestion events resulting from heavy users.

Capacity is your most important and most finite resource. Your ability to service customers depends on your ability to manage capacity. Not only that, by deferring capacity investments you are able to apply CAPEX to network expansion and other strategic initiatives that benefit your subscribers and shareholders.

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